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‘Law & Order: SVU’: Focal Point of Upcoming ‘Organized Crime’ Crossover is Not Doing Well

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

One of the main characters in the upcoming Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime crossover is not doing well. However, they will have to be in court as Richard Wheatley faces trial.

Tamara Taylor plays Angela Wheatley. The ex-wife of Richard has a big role to play in this case. Of course, Elliot Stabler also has a lot of emotions going into the case. His wife was a victim of the Dylan McDermott bad guy.

The situation with Angela is she has been hurt by a nerve agent. This isn’t the kind of attack that goes away easily. No, victims, if they survive, can deal with a lifetime of issues. Back in the premiere of this season of Organized Crime, Angela was doing okay. Sgt. Bell visited her and saw she was doing a crossword.

Well, now it appears she is doing worse. The Law & Order: SVU actress talked about the headspace her character is in going into the trial. TV Insider asked her how Angela was doing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“It’s interesting because we explored delving into the truth of recovering from a nerve agent,” Taylor said. “Most people don’t. What can sometimes happen is you can get worse before you get better. What we’ll see leading up to the trial is that Angela almost seems worse than she did when Bell came to visit her and she was doing a crossword.”

Angela Is Using a Cane and Not Doing Well Overall

Another bit of information we got from Taylor’s comments, the health physically is just not doing great. Angela is going to likely struggle for some time with the complications of her attack.

“She’s using a cane,” Taylor further explained. “So there’s a difficulty walking. Certainly, her motor skills are not what they were. The memory is not quite back. Speech is a little more impaired than it was.”

We know that emotions will run high. There have been a lot of teaser episodes that have shown us that. Outside of Angela, the big question is, “how will Stabler react?” Richard Wheatley killed his wife. Law & Order: SVU is going to answer those questions in the crossover. At least we hope.

So many dynamics will intersect in this upcoming episode. Fans have been starving for new episodes and this should fill that appetite just enough. With the holiday season upon us, that means there will be a long break coming up in the near future.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Richard Wheatley ‘Prepared’ for Upcoming Trial

Already there have been Law & Order: SVU teasers abound for the episode. They have had a long time to promote the crossover event. That includes a snapshot of the defense team, including Richard Wheatley, looking ready for what may come.

In the photo that Warren Leight shared on Twitter, former ADA Barba is ready to defend his client, and Wheatley looks “prepared” to face what may come. There is no telling where this trial is going to end up going. December 9th inches closer and closer.