‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here’s How Ice-T Wants Fin’s Storyline To End

by Jonathan Howard

Law & Order: SVU has a lot of seasons. However, there isn’t much known about Ice-T’s Fin, his storyline, and we aren’t the only ones.

The thing about Ice-T on SVU is the character of Fin Tutuola isn’t that well known. However, he is a good cop, has great dialogue at times, and is beloved just the same. His backstory is a mystery. When he has a personal life, it is done off-camera and later inferred or talked about among the characters.

When the show came back after COVID lockdowns prevented filming, the actor found out his character was getting married. Well, the writers had planned it that way. After some discussion, it was done away with, but still, it shows how little anyone knows about Fin.

Ice-T talked about Fin’s storyline with Mashed. He isn’t too worried about it. He just goes with what the writers say.

“Hey, listen, at 500 episodes, I don’t know where they’re pulling these storylines,” Ice-T said. “They pull them out of thin air. I like the ride. One of my mottos is, ‘You don’t guide life, you ride life.'”

Not every character can live forever, of course. Well, some can. But, if Fin had to die, Ice-T knows what he would want it to be like. And, it’s the most Ice-T way you can imagine. I’m not sure anyone will be surprised by this answer.

“If I got to go, I want to go in a blaze of glory,” the actor explained. “Blow me up in a car. I want to be murdered!”

However, he does realize that he might have a future after Law & Order: SVU. So, maybe Ice-T and Fin’s storyline can continue elsewhere in the Dick Wolf universe.

Ice-T Says Fin Storyline is in the Writers’ Hands

One thing that Ice-T does get about Fin’s storyline is that he could move to other shows. SVU isn’t the end all be all of the “Wolf Universe”. While he has 23 strong years on the show and wants to keep it all going, there are other shows that he could find himself on.

“‘Law & Order’ could end and I could be climbing a ladder on ‘Chicago Fire.’ I could be over on [‘Criminal Intent’], so maybe I don’t want to die. As it stands now, the last pickup was for three seasons. We have one more season that’s definite, then we’ll see what happens. This last season has been our best season in a long time, as far as ratings go.”

Ice-T knows that Fin’s storyline has some legs left. He has a lot of fun playing him, too. Nothing too crazy, but consistent and always willing to do what the writers want from him.