‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here’s What Joel De La Fuente Has Done Since Leaving

by Madison Miller

Seeing as “Law & Order: SVU” has been on for 23 seasons (and counting), we have certainly seen a lot of actors come and go over the years.

One of those actors is Joel de la Fuente. He was one of the stars on the show for a total of nine seasons and 52 episodes. He portrayed a TARU (Technical Assistance Response Unit) technician named Ruben Morales.

Detectives would come to visit TARU for assistance with certain cases. Ruben’s head would pop up over a desk full of devices. He would explain any findings to the team but would do so in very hard-to-understand technical language.

It was a bit of a constant joke that the team would have to ask him to repeat himself “in English, please” whenever he spouted out these tech-heavy summaries. He didn’t have a huge role on the show compared to other detectives. Meanwhile, he was still able to have a lot of character and was overall pretty memorable for a lot of “Law & Order: SVU” fans.

After he left the show, what did Joel de la Fuente do?

He managed to land a role during Season 3 of the popular Showtime series “Nurse Jackie” for one episode. After that, he turned his attention to more indie film roles. That includes roles like “Ava’s Possessions,” “Julia,” and “Forgetting the Girl.” One of his most popular, however, has to be in “Brief Reunion” from 2011. He played the lead role in this John Daschbach film.

One of the most interesting roles he took on was actually also one of the first Netflix original series ever. Back in the day, Netflix didn’t create nearly as much original content.

The “Law & Order: SVU” star had a role in “Hemlock Grove.”

This was a TV series that was on in 2013 and was an adaptation by popular horror enthusiast Eli Roth. It went on to get nominated for an Emmy for its three-season run that garnered a decent-sized fanbase. Joel de la Fuente played Johann Pryce. He was a rich scientist that served as an interesting antagonist on the show.

Most Recent Roles for ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star

After that, he popped by for very quick visits on shows like “Blue Bloods,” “Limitless,” “Game of Silence,” “Bull,” “Madam Secretary,” “Manifest,” “The Man in the High Castle,” and “New Amsterdam.” His most recent role was in the movie called “Master.”

The IMDb page for this movie states the film will focus on “Two African American women begin to share disturbing experiences at a predominantly white college in New England.” The film is also set to come out on March 18.

Besides acting, Joel de la Fuente moderated the short film “Soul of a Man.” This is the directorial debut from Bill Skarsgård that stars his family. It’s a gothic satire adapted from an Edgar Allan Poe story.