‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice T Immediately Deletes Tweet About Bill Cosby’s Prison Release After Receiving Criticism

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: SVU star Ice T became one of many celebrities who tweeted about Bill Cosby only to suffer social media remorse because of the blowback.

Earlier this week, Ice T, the rapper turned actor, tweeted “Oh, shit. Bill Cosby might be touching back down on the bricks. … Hot Boy Summer.”

Twitter users noticed when the Law & Order: SVU star deleted the post. Nothing ever really leaves Twitter. There’s a screenshot for everything.

Ice T, who plays a detective on Law & Order: SVU, was reacting to the big news of the week.

Bill Cosby was in year two of a three-to-10 year prison sentence for sexual assault. However, earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s conviction from 2018.

The court noted that a “non-prosecution agreement” with Cosby was violated. The judges described it as a “bait and switch.” So, the court ordered Cosby’s release.

Cosby posted a statement on Twitter. He wrote: “I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rules of law.”

More than 60 women alleged that Cosby assaulted them, with incidents dating back to the 1960s. Because the statute of limitations expired on many of the cases, it’s unlikely Cosby ever will be charged again.

Law & Order: SVU Fans Called Out Ice T

Law & Order: SVU fans called out Ice T. One wrote: “I hope to god I’m just ignorant and don’t know what this means but Please tell me that after 20+ seasons on SVU that you aren’t showing support for a predator.”

Another Law & Order: SVU fan said: “Today bout to be a LONG day. Someone call Olivia Benson.”

Somebody did call Olivia Benson, the main character of Law & Order: SVU. Mariska Hargitay posted:

“To every survivor facing yesterday’s news: I see you, hear you, and acknowledge the pain you are experiencing. And I believe you.”

And Ice T wasn’t the only celebrity to delete a tweet about Bill Cosby. Timbaland shared a photo of an old Cosby ad on his Instagram. He captioned it: “Who’s wants a jello pudding pop I’m home now.” Timbaland deleted the post.

Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby’s wife Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show, gave her support for the comedian and actor. She posted on Twitter: FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!”

But she deleted that tweet, too. The blowback came from everywhere, including from her new employer, Howard University. In May, Rashad accepted a job as Howard’s new dean for the school’s revamped College of Fine Arts. It’s a high-profile job. Howard just renamed the school to honor late actor Chadwick Boseman. As students pushed to have Rashad fired, Howard officials said Rashad’s comments on Cosby didn’t speak for the school. Rather, Howard officials said, the school stands with the victims.

So Rashad tried to clarify. “I fully support survivors of sexual assault coming forward. My post was in no way intended to be insensitive to their truth,” Rashad wrote. “Personally, I know from friends and family that such abuse has lifelong residual effects. My heartfelt wish is for healing.”