‘Law & Order: SVU’: Ice-T Gave Important Advice to Kelli Giddish About ‘Conserving’ Energy on Show

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Actor/rapper Ice-T gave some good advice to his “Law & Order: SVU” co-star about “conserving energy” on the show, and fans could even use it.

The 63-year-old man has worked on the long-running NBC show for 17 seasons. He knows when it’s ok to coast and when you must give it your all. It’s similar to what athletes go through sometimes during long seasons.

Ice-T About ‘Conserving Energy’

The grind of a long-running show is tough. Co-star Christopher Meloni can agree with his co-stars about that. The actor told NPR that it took the cast and crew of “SVU” more than one week to film one episode. He added that the show moved on to another once one episode was complete the following day.

So maybe Ice-T is on to something here. 

He recalled telling “Law & Order: SVU” co-star Kelli Giddish about his excellent mantra in a Black Film interview in 2015.  

The actor said, “I totally believe in conserving your energy because I’ve always said, ‘Kelli, let’s conserve your energy because in a minute, or any moment, they’re going to write a scene that’s going to make you act your f***ing ass off.’”

Plus, being a long-standing show character helps Ice-T make it seem “easy” as well. 

He said his acting “Law & Order: SVU” style “comes easier because every day because I’m going to be me.” Having played Odofin “Fin” Tutuola so long, he knows he can “just apply different scripts who Fin is, and everybody knows where he stands.”

Also, keep in mind that his character has was an Army Ranger and served two tours. So detective work is probably nothing compared to that time. 

Ice-T Keeping Busy

It may not look like he’s working hard, but the actor/rapper will bring his rapping chops to the Great New York State Fair in 2022. He will perform with his group, “Art of Rap,” on Aug. 25 at Chevy Park State.

Troy Waffner, Fair Director, said, “Ice-T is a historic rap musician and Art of Rap Featuring Ice-T, and co-founder Mick Benzo is a great way to kick off our announcements for the Fair’s concert schedule.”

The “Law & Order: SVU” star recently affirmed that being a rapper is the most dangerous profession. In a Tweet, the star said, “ICE COLD Fact: When I was coming up, Being a Drug Dealer was the most dangerous occupation. Now it seems like being a Rapper is… smh No cap.”

His statement comes after the recent rapper deaths of Young Dolph and Nipsey Hussle. 

Yahoo! News, however, may beg to differ. In August, the website published a list of top dangerous professions in America, and one rose to the top.

While 2019 stats said firefighter deaths (8) and police officers (86) were high, there were 1,005 truck driver fatalities in 2019. Of that amount, 732 people died by coming into contact with objects and equipment during that year.