‘Law & Order: SVU’: Is Barba Returning to the Show?

by Jonathan Howard

One character could return this season on Law & Order: SVU. Former ADA Rafael Barba could be making another appearance on the show. While he hasn’t been a series regular since season 19, he could make a guest appearance in the future.

Barba left the show after quitting his job with the District Attorney’s office. Back when he was on the show, fans enjoyed his charm as well as the wittiness he had. Typical lawyer, quick with the words and able to talk his way into or out of just about anything. He is also close with Olivia Benson, and when he parted he left by kissing Benson on the forehead.

Here is where things could get interesting. This season, Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime are destined for a big crossover event. The trial of Richard Wheatley is coming up and that means there could be some guest appearances. Now here is where Barba comes in.

There is a possibility that Barba comes in as Wheatley’s defense attorney. We could see a Barba/Carisi battle in the courtroom. Or, perhaps he will be one to offer help and assistance to Carisi. Everything is speculation right now. However, if he makes an appearance, it is most likely in the courtroom. As a love interest for Benson, things could get a little dramatic too.

This season of Law & Order: SVU, as well as Organized Crime, is headed for a big climax. There are so many moving parts between the two shows and they are going to be fleshed out. We have the Stabler undercover storyline with the Albanians, his family situation, and more. Benson is also going through a rough patch and she doesn’t even know what Stabler has been up to.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Chris Meloni Has High Praise for Mariska Hargitay

Over the years, Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni have developed quite a relationship. Starring side-by-side for so long, they have always supported each other. The Law & Order: SVU stars use every excuse to take pictures together and more. So, it isn’t surprising that Meloni has high praise for his costar.

“She walks the walk and she talks the talk,” he said. “She’s a force for good at whatever she does, whether it’s being a mother or being an advocate or being an actress or being a friend.”

Since the beginning, these two have been together on the show. Now, with Stabler doing his own thing in a different unit, the dynamics have changed a bit. They aren’t together as often, but they can be seen every now and then catching up. Whether it is on Law & Order: SVU or Organized Crime these two actors and characters are always going to be close with one another.