‘Law & Order: SVU’ Makes a Disturbing Discovery in Episode 501

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bauzen/GC Images

Law & Order: SVU revealed some creepy street details about “survival sex workers” in Thursday night’s episode.

There are homeless women on the street. They turn tricks or “date” for drug money. The women take care of each other. The police don’t care if and when they turn up missing.

One of the women, in an interview with SVU detectives, said she warned one of her now missing friends “stay away from nerdy white guys. They’re always the psychos.”

And Law & Order: SVU turned up a true psycho in this episode entitled They’d Already Disappeared. A serial killer was targeting these women who had a certain look. He’d hook up with them. Then he’d strangle them. And that wasn’t even the bad part. The killer then took a knife and removed the body organs. And he mummified the bodies.

Or, as one of the medical examiners said, the killer did “DIY” mummification. He bought some space heaters at Home Depot and set some traps to keep the rats away. He did this all in a vacant warehouse. The skateboarders outside described the guy as a “vampire.” In reality, he was a carnival worker who lived with his mother.

College Student Alerted Law & Order: SVU About Missing Sister

If a college student named Daria didn’t go in person to the Law & Order SVU office, the killer could’ve kept on his spree. But Daria was worried about her sister, Tonya, who left her a panic-stricken voice mail the night before. Another woman then went missing. Her street name was Beauty.

Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) suggested that Rollins and Velasco go to the local precinct where Tonya and Beauty disappeared. One of the cops there handed them a file with details of about a dozen women. The file was labeled “No Humans Involved.”

Rollins and Velasco eventually discovered the guy’s DIY mortuary. There were 12 mummied women. The bodies of Tonya and Beauty were in the back, being prepared. The smell was described as an “old wet book with a touch of cinnamon.”

The break in this Law & Order: SVU case of the week came from one of the victim’s sons. He was autistic with a photographic memory. And he recalled the date his mother, Meredith, went missing and the man she left with, even the license plate of the truck he drove.

The detectives tracked Trace to his home in New Jersey. They took him in for questioning. His mother came as well.

Benson Played To Killer’s Ego for Confession

And here’s where Olivia Benson was brilliant. She interrogated Trace and played to his ego. She told him they knew the suspect was bad with women. And his mother told Benson that her son “wasn’t smart enough or ambitious enough to commit a crime like that.”

Benson said she agreed with the mother’s assessment. “This guy is special,” she said. “When they find him, they’re going to make documentaries about him.”

That’s when a very proud Trace confessed, bragging about the chilling details of the final moments of some of the women. Turns out, his first victim might’ve been the owner of the building. Trace said he poisoned him.

“I killed all of them, they were my girls, they were mine,” Trace said. “You had no right to go in there and destroy 10 years of my work.”

“I killed them, all of them,” he said. “You can tell my mother that, you tell my mother what I did. “

At the end of the Law & Order: SVU, Trace cut a deal and pleaded guilty to 12 homicides.