‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Posts Cryptic Message, Date with Teaser Photo

by Quentin Blount

Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay is teaming up with a 19-year-old Los Angeles-based artist in an independent full-length film.

We all know and love Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU. In fact, it’s hard to see her as anything other than her character at times. After all, Hargitay has portrayed the cop and female namesake for over 20 years on the popular show.

She started early in the series as a detective alongside her partner, Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni). But she quickly rose through the ranks to become a sergeant, lieutenant, and captain of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.

The Law & Order: SVU star is not only one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, but she is also a tireless activist for victims of sexual violence. That goes for both her character in the show and for her in real life.

And now Hargitay has a new passion project. She is teaming up with 19-year-old musical artist Grace Gaustad in the upcoming film BLKBX: wht r u hding? The premise of the movie? Every teen has a “black box” full of secrets. Gaustad and Hargitay are working to normalize the idea of speaking out about mental health issues. They want to create a safe haven for a generation that deals with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, uncontrolled emotions, and tendencies to self-harm.

Hargitay took to social media on Friday evening to tease the August release of the film.

“Blkbx. Wht r u hding. 8.27.21 follow the episodes @gracegaustad Stay tuned,” Hargitay captioned her latest post.

Grace Gaustad Thanks ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star for Her Support

Grace Gaustad has been singing and writing emotional songs since she was just a little girl. Now, she is partnering with her idol, Mariska Hargitay, to create something special.

“I love you M!!!! Big things ❤️” Gaustad commented on the Law & Order: SVU star’s post. “Thank you for blessing this project. You are the best 🤍”

Gaustad teased the upcoming release date herself in her own Instagram post.

“BLKBX: wht r u hding 🌈 Sneak Peak 👀 Short film coming Aug 27 Featuring my hero @therealmariskahargitay Stay tuned,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the young artist says that her inspiration for the film comes from her own experiences.

“The glue that ties everything together is the story — which is the first 18 years of my life,” she wrote on the film’s website. “Even though these are experiences I’ve gone through and continue to go through, the topics are universal. The songs, the videos, the artwork, and the poetry play a different but major role in the narrative.”

“Writing BLKBX taught me when you keep things to yourself, they just grow,” Gaustad continued. “They don’t get any smaller or quieter; they just get bigger and louder in your head. Once I finished writing the project, I remember a tremendous amount of relief. It’s not because any of these problems went away, but it’s because I was being completely honest about them with myself for the first time.”