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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Lights 500 Birthday Candles for Milestone Episode

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

It has been a wild ride for Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU, now she is celebrating her 500th episode with 500 candles. That’s right, it is hard to believe, but the big milestone is here.

When you have been doing something for almost 20 years, these milestones can creep up on ya. In an Instagram video, Hargitay showed two cakes stuffed full of candles. Her “500th birthday” seems to be going down without a hitch. However, I hope she had a fire extinguisher nearby.

It appears that she has been getting a lot of congratulations and well wishes. The post caption read, “@chris_meloni Thanks for the birthday wishes. That’s a lot of candles. #SVU500 #IDidAllTheCameraWork #Don’tTryThisAtHome.” One thing is for sure, Hargitay is still figuring out those hashtags.

There were a bunch of congratulations in the replies. Both the Law & Order: SVU account and Wolf Entertainment wished her a happy 500th “birthday”. There were many other replies from actors, actresses, and fans alike.

Another account said. “Don’t look a day over 499!” While Hargitay’s real birthday is January 31, it looks like a good time celebrating her 500th episode. That is quite an accomplishment for any actor or actress. It goes to show how popular Law & Order: SVU is. With a new season, fans are very into seeing what Captain Olivia Benson is up to. She has a lot on her plate both with SVU and dealing with Elliot Stabler.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Hargitay’s 500th Episode to Debut

Tonight is the night that the 500th episode airs for the first time. The debut of the milestone will be quite an event. She has posted multiple times on social media about it heading into the premiere tonight. Olivia Benson is in the midst of a lot of confusing feelings regarding her career.

Will fans see that continue in the next episode? We will have to wait and see. With her recent injury as well as other factors, there are some in the SVU universe making her think she should step away from her duties. Hargitay spoke about the episode and how she hasn’t watched it yet with Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“They sent me the link so many times. I was too nervous to watch it. I’ve been doing this show for so long and Olivia Benson is in me. But I think the idea of the 500th episode was so much pressure on me. I was so nervous every day coming to work. You know how it is, when you’re doing a show for so long, you’re in the grind. All I’m doing … it’s a marathon. I’m on a hamster wheel of lines, lines, lines, lines, lines. Cut, cut, cut, edit, cut. … It’s like making a film every week.”

The next chapter in that “film” comes out tonight with an all-new Law & Order: SVU.