‘Law & Order: SVU’ Once Featured a Hollywood A-Lister as a Guest Star

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Law & Order: SVU is no stranger to guest stars, often having at least one per episode. What may come as a surprise though is one episode that starred a certain Hollywood A-lister.

Known for his work in movies like The Hangover trilogy and American Sniper, Bradley Cooper is the star in question. While in the early to mid-2000s, many of his appearances were on TV movies and television.

Looper gives the details, stating he appears in season 6, episode 20 titled “Night.” The SVU squad takes on the case of a serial rapist who targets undocumented immigrants. They eventually suspect someone named Gabriel Duvall of committing the crimes. Duvall comes from a family with plentiful monetary resources, so they hire Jason Whitaker (Bradley Cooper) as his attorney. Though found not guilty for a rape-homicide at the beginning of the episode, a jury convicted him for several other cases.

Cooper’s role may sound relatively minor at a glance, but there’s more to it. A twist later on in the episode reveals something heinous about both Gabriel and Whitaker. It turns out there were even more allegations against the former, but his family was paying Whitaker off.

Interestingly, he played a corrupt FBI agent in American Hustle as well, so this isn’t the first time he’s been on the wrong side of the law despite posing as the opposite.

Bradley Cooper is far from the only high profile name Law & Order: SVU featured on the show. The franchise frequently features artists and musicians, with one of the most prominent guests being Snoop Dogg himself.

Snoop Dogg’s resume is actually quite stacked with guest appearances. He frequently appears with influencers, other artists, and has even appeared as himself in video games like Tekken and Def Jam. With that being said, how did he appear in SVU? Funnily enough, it isn’t certain.

The Things offered a few explanations, but all of them are speculation. Some fans speculate the legendary artist did it for clout, but given his reputation already, that seems unlikely. The more likely explanation is SVU producers reached out to him. As stated, musicians frequently appear in the franchise. Ice-T is the perfect example, being a rapper himself and a series staple.

Additionally, in the episode “Diss,” Snoop’s appearance hardly lasted a minute, with his character getting in a fight with a comedian and then arrested. Despite his brief tenure, Mariska Hargitay stated she had a blast with him. “He’s doing amazing things in the world and he’s just Snoop, which is the coolest thing ever,” she said. “So, I’m doing this thing. I’m arresting him, I’m giving him the old one-two, as I like to say. And I think we’re besties.”