‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Mourns Death of Family Pet

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

Losing a family pet is one of the most heartbreaking experiences anyone can ever go through. Unfortunately, Ice-T’s family is experiencing this firsthand, with the prominent Law & Order: SVU actor talking about it on Instagram.

Ice-T frequently posts about his family, and that includes their dog, King Maximus. Tragically, he battled cancer for a year and passed away yesterday. He shared the news on Instagram, complete with a heartbreaking photo of his daughter hugging the departed doggie.

“Awful news.. King Maximus passed away today. He’d been sick for a year with cancer.. He was 10yrs old.. Dog’s lives are far to short… Sad day. @spartandmaxandlex,” reads the post’s caption.

The post has really picked up momentum, with Ice-T’s followers and fans all giving their condolences. “Oh damn I’m so so sorry for your loss, and your right dogs definitely need to live longer. @icet,” a follower told the actor. “So sorry for your loss. Losing a fur kid is so hard. Hugs,” said another.

Some people are sounding off with their own sad dog tales. “I know how you feel, just lossed ours from the same thing. She lived 15 years though,” someone wrote. Another voiced a similar experience, saying “I’m so sorry. My dog recently passed away too. It hurts sooo bad. Animals are so much better than people. So sorry for your loss!”

Ice-T is 100 percent right though, dogs truly don’t live long enough. I’ve lost two of mine within the past year and wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Here’s hoping his whole family recovers from the devastating loss.

Ice-T Shares Wisdom About Getting Older

If there’s one thing you should know about Ice-T, it’s that he keeps things real, especially on social media. In addition to posting things about his family and his career, he frequently shares motivating messages and wisdom he’s gleaned from aging. One of those nuggets of wisdom happens to be about what you both gain and lose from getting older.

Posting an “ICE COLD Fact” to Instagram, Ice-T shared, in a blunt if not ineloquent way, though you may lose things as you get older, you grow wiser. “The funny thing about getting older: Your eyesight gets weaker but your ability to see through people’s bull- gets much better.”

The post’s comment section seems to unanimously agree, with everyone noting they’ve noticed the same thing. The post is fitting since even on Law & Order: SVU his character often boasts wisdom the younger squad members lack. Additionally, his time as a rapper has undoubtedly helped in discerning people’s true intentions.

That fact is so ice cold I wish I could use it to cool my drinks.