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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Posts Sweet Pic With Daughter With Moving Message Days After His Friend’s Death

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Paley Center For Media)

Ice-T is largely active on social media and doesn’t shy away from sharing much with fans– the good, the bad, and the ugly. He revealed recently that his friend, Joseph “Taheim” Bryan, was shot multiple times late Thursday night and sadly succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Although police have not been able to locate a suspect yet, details are being released as the investigation unfolds. For instance, police actually released video footage of the ambush in the hopes that someone may recognize the shooter and come forward with information leading to their apprehension and arrest.

In an Instagram post he released earlier this weekend showing him embracing his daughter, Ice-T dropped a tidbit of wisdom. Although he is very much in the throes of grief, Ice-T manages to push forward. He says: “ICE Cold Fact: When you’re Enjoying life.. Enjoy it to the FULLEST. Happiness is rare.. Pain and bad days are guaranteed. Appreciate every second with your loved ones.. Life is Precious, Priceless and Fragile… Don’t ever take it for granted.. Love is Love”

Ice-T’s Family Keeps Him Grounded

The hip hop artist and actor’s professional life is often wrought with heavy topics. At the end of the day, what exactly keeps him sane? Between the albums that discuss gun violence and the “Law & Order: SVU” episodes detailing grueling victim accounts, Ice-T turns to family. Above all, his little mini-me, Chanel, is the source of a lot of his joy, he says. For instance, he discussed how fatherhood has changed him in a past interview with The New York Post: “I’m healthier than I was at 40 because your brain tells you, ‘I have to be around for this kid. I got things to do.’ ”

Ice-T mentioned something similar in a past Jimmy Fallon interview. “Muhammad Ali said when you have a baby in the second half of your life — you know I’m in my fifties — it’s like you want to hit a restart button on your life. All of a sudden, I’m like ‘Ice, you’ve got to stay healthy, you’ve got to stay in the game.’ It’s just a beautiful thing.”

“Ice Cold Facts”

Lovingly nicknamed “the Philosopher King” by castmates like Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T is quite the conversationalist. Many also know him for his prolific tweets. In an unofficial series he titled “Ice Cold Facts,” the star likes to drop knowledge bombs that often spark discussion. When it comes to the occasional twitter trolls that crawl out of the woodwork, Ice-T also isn’t afraid to stand up for himself or put them in their place.

As a result, the comments section on his social media posts can get a little hectic at times. Overall, however, the comments are resoundingly positive and fans often voice their support for his wisdom. He has built a solid fanbase over his decades long career, making the “haters” pretty much irrelevant. Check out this apt example of one of Ice-T’s famous “ice-cold facts” below: