‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Is 100% Amped About Getting ‘Band Back Together’ for 500th Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

In a new video on Instagram, Mariska Hargitay reveals why she’s so excited in “the worst kept secret” on SVU; Nick Amaro is back for the 500th episode!

Played by Danny Pino, Nick Amaro will appear in some capacity for the 500th episode of Law & Order: SVU. Hargitay raves in the video about “getting the band back together,” posing with an excited-looking Kelli Giddish, who plays Amanda Rollins, and Pino.

Fans in the comments were beside themselves at the reveal, with one commenter writing, “Oh so excited!! Now if you could just get Barba to return as well my SVU life will be complete.” Another commenter shared the sentiment, writing, “Just need another visit from Barba too.”

Nick Amaro replaced Elliot Stabler as a detective on Law & Order: SVU in 2011 when Chris Meloni left the show. Amaro and Kelli Giddish’s Amanda Rollins have had to dodge relationship rumors on the show, as their close demeanor leads others to believe they’re dating, or at least sleeping together. Amaro always seems to know when something is wrong with Rollins, and is fiercely protective of her.

Amaro’s last episode was in season 16; he had one too many issues with the law while on the job, and was transferred out of the SVU. Rollins has stayed with SVU all the way up to season 23 after she debuted on season 13.

It will be fun to see how the Law & Order: SVU team fits back together for the 500th episode.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Had Top Ratings for Premiere

Unsurprisingly, Law & Order: SVU was the top show for its season 23 premiere on Sept. 23. 5.5 million viewers turned out for the two-hour episode. The Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 premiere came in third with 4.32 million viewers. Not bad at all.

Speaking of Hargitay and Meloni’s spin-offs, with crossovers in the works for both shows, fans are wondering if the two detectives will ever get together. In an interview with the Today Show, Meloni had the answer:

Simply, “I don’t know.”

Fret not, because that’s not a flat-out “no”. Just, as Hargitay said in the same interview, “after Stabler being gone for 10 years, and the way that he left, and the complexity of what’s happened in the last 10 years, and how he became back surprising me… we’re still finding our way.”

Let’s hope they wait long enough to make it believable, but not too long that fans get impatient. We want answers, and we want romance!

Hargitay had some poignant words to say about Benson and Stabler’s relationship, though; “This relationship is truly earned,” she said. “Not a lot of people have a 23-year relationship on film.” Truer words have never been spoken.