‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Goes ‘Maskless and Braceless’ in New Pic Following Leg Injury

by Anna Dunn

Mariska Hargitay seems to be recovering well after a serious leg injury. The Law & Order: SVU actress took to Instagram to show off her brace-free look.

“Maskless and braceless! Feeling #PrettyInPink #HealedAndInHeels #LadiesNight with this one @therealaliwentworth,” she wrote.

Hargitay shared a picture outside the hospital last month. She had a broken knee, a hairline fracture, and a torn ligament. It’s clear she’s made an incredibly fast recovery, and Law & Order: SVU fans are celebrating that.

” I hope you had the best night,” one Instagram user wrote. “Glad you’re healing well,” another person wrote, “Your dress is gorgeous.”

Hargitay Is Thrilled to Be Working With ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Co-Star Chris Meloni Again

It was a big blow to not only the fans of Law & Order: SVU, but the cast when Elliot Stabler actor Christopher Meloni left the show after 12 seasons. Having worked together so closely for so long, it was hard for Hargitay to continue on without her co-star. But she soldiered on. Now, Hargitay has officially beaten a Gunsmoke record for playing a character for the most years as Olivia Benson.

Thankfully, Chris Meloni is back as Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: Organized Crime. The show has already had multiple crossover events with Law & Order: SVU.

“We went through so much in the first 12 years and dug so deep and had a very full relationship and a very honest one and brave one,” Hargitay said to Variety about her friendship with co-star Christopher Meloni.

“And we also experienced so much together for the first time that quite frankly, nobody including our spouses, really understood because we lived something and we created this baby together being Law and Order Special Victims Unit.”

New Series Is Set to Join the Franchise

Fans were loving Thursdays this year because of the nights they got to spend watching new episodes of Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime. Now, they’ll have something else to look forward to. Law & Order: For The Defense will join the Thursday night lineup. It’ll give fans a three-hour night full of drama and intrigue.

But Law & Order: For The Defense will go where no other Law & Order show has gone before. The show will take a look at a team of defense lawyers. In doing so, the show will take a critical approach to the criminal justice system.

Thankfully, it looks like star Mariska Hargitay will be just fine to film when the cast goes back to the studio. And now, she gets to work with Chris Meloni on occasion and potentially help welcome in a new cast on Law & Order: For the Defense.