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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay and ‘One Chicago’ Stars Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

For one reason or another, the holidays can be a difficult time for some people. So, if you haven’t heard it yet today (and even if you have), Outsider.com is here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Actually, the whole of the ever-expanding Dick Wolf universe is here to do the same. And after watching Mariska Hargitay with the rest of the “Law & Order: SVU” squad for so many years, they do sort of feel like a “found family,” don’t they?

Well, all the spin-offs, series, and worlds collided for a quick video to give their thanks to someone (or a lot of someones) that they couldn’t live without. That would be the fans. Dick Wolf fans are among one of the most dedicated fanbases out there, after all.

Check it out:

The video sweetly starts off with “From the Dick Wolf family to yours” and features a handful of familiar faces, including some of the cast members from “FBI.” We also see a little sneak peek of the “One Chicago” set before the iconic duo from “Law & Order: SVU” takes over. A friendly face then “photobombs”/”video bombs” Mariska Hargitay and Kelli Giddish, but it’s so subtle it’s easy to miss. It’s just wholesome and sincere all around.

So Whose Thanksgiving Dinner Table Are You Joining?

Yesterday, the official Twitter account for “Law & Order” TV wanted to get the audience stoked for the holiday. So, they posed this metaphorical question to viewers far and wide. Whose Thanksgiving dinner table are you joining? The trick is, there are only four options.

You can read some of the reactions here, but the general consensus seems to ask for a new arrangement. I mean what is “Law & Order” without some Stabler-Benson romance? And who invited all the bad guys?

“Law & Order’ Holiday Episode Schedule

You might also be wondering about the odds of catching a holiday special of your favorite Dick Wolf show this year. While “Law & Order” doesn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, we might be getting more than just coal in our stockings this Christmas.

Apparently, “Law & Order: SVU” will merge with “Law & Order: Organized Crime” once again for an epic holiday special. Given the nature of both shows, however, it might be a little less holly jolly, and a little more Grinch. At least, that’s what the showrunner teases.

“It will be a very ‘Law & Order’ Christmas,” Chaiken told TV Line recently. “I’ll just say: I hope we don’t ruin Christmas for you for all time.”