‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Said the Show Keeps ‘Getting Better’ As the Show Continues

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: SVU has been on TV for over two decades now, but thankfully, star Mariska Hargitay thinks the show is aging like a fine wine. Hargitay has starred on Law & Order: SVU for all 22 of its action-packed seasons. She plays detective Olivia Benson.

Hargitay and her long-time co-star Ice T went on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2018 to discuss what it was like to work together for so long, and what they thought about the show’s longevity. Not only does Hargitay think Law & Order: SVU is getting better, but being on it is just getting more fun.

“For me, it’s getting better. We’re having more fun and going deeper and more invested and it’s pretty incredible right now,” she said.

In a separate 2018 interview about Law & Order: SVU, she also said she wouldn’t mind staying on the show longer. While it’s clear they’re having fun, it’s still a burning question in many fan’s minds considering just how long it’s been.

“I’m in it for the long haul,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I said [to showrunner Michael Chernuchin], ‘You keep writing like this, I’ll stay for 25 years.’ Why would I leave? I’m so grateful.”

Hargitay Said the Cast is ‘Like Family’

In the interview with Seth Meyers, she also mentioned that the cast truly is like a family after so many years. That sentiment clearly still exists. Hargitay recently posted a photo of her and the cast and crew at dinner, with a heart-warming caption

“So beautiful coming together with these incredible and dedicated souls. So grateful for each and every one of them. We came together to celebrate season 22 of SVU AND we just like hanging out together….. Congratulations y’all,” she wrote.

But some Law & Order: SVU cast members have left over the course of the show. This includes Chris Meloni, who starred along with Hargitay for over a decade. His choice to leave the show saddened many fans, but now he’s back in a new kind of way.

Chris Meloni Guest Starred in the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 21 Finale

Actor Chris Meloni left Law & Order: SVU around a decade ago due to a contract dispute. Meloni, who played Detective Stabler alongside Olivia Benson, was seriously missed. While the show continued to do well without him, many missed the original days where Benson and Stabler chased down bad guys together.

Now, Meloni is back with his own Law & Order show, Law & Order: Organized Crime. The shows frequently cross over with each other, allowing Hargitay to appear on Law & Order: Organized Crime for some episodes and Meloni to do the same with Law & Order: SVU.

In the recent Law & Order: SVU finale, Stabler shows up at Totula’s wedding. While the wedding doesn’t go as planned, it’s still a beautiful night. In a touching moment, Stabler and Benson toasted to being partners. It’s a moment fans are still freaking out about.