‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Returning to Show for First Time in 5 Years

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

This season of Law & Ordre: SVU has already brought back some old faces and familiar names. That will continue into next year.

There are still ten days left until fans get to see the next new installment of the season. A notable face returns when former ADA Barba makes his return. However, in People Vs Richard Wheatley, it will not be the People’s side that he finds himself on. While it is very exciting to see Raul Esparza make his return to the show, there are more characters returning in January 2022, according to TV Line.

Viewers will be happy to see the return of Lieutenant Declan Murphy. Played by none other than Donal Logue, this will be the first time back for the character since Season 17. It has been a long time coming, but there will be special circumstances that bring Logue back to the Law & Order: SVU team.

It appears that Murphy is going to be coming out of his undercover assignment. He is going to need Olivia Benson’s help and the help of the entire Special Victims Unit. A string of hate crimes in New York City appear to be connected and they need to prevent the next from happening.

Also making an appearance, Ari’el Stachel. He will reprise his role as Sergeant Khaldun in that same episode. Law & Order: SVU is slated to return on December 9. It is going to be a big episode as the trial for Richard Wheatley gets underway. The episode will be a crossover between SVU and Organized Crime. With so much to resolve, there is no telling what could happen with the verdict, or if one is reached at all.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Talk Most ‘Messed Up’ Episode

While there is a lull in the season and Law & Order: SVU takes a small break, fans are talking among themselves. Reddit is the go-to place for all show discussion it seems. On the SVU subreddit, viewers will debate, make polls, and most recently, talk about the more disturbing episodes of the series.

Fans reached back to Season 15 in an episode called Dissonant Voices. Fans will remember this episode as one that featured Billy Porter. He played a TV personality and a Preschool music teacher. Throughout the episode, it appears that there is a serious issue going on with kids in his class. He ends up being accused of molesting his students. Despite the stories not adding up, the team was sure that Walker was guilty.

Eventually, Rollins and Fin end up realizing that there was more to it than what they were told. Law & Order: SVU fans were not happy with the way Porter’s character was treated. In the end, the charges are dropped when it was revealed the young boys had been coached to tell those stories. The music teacher had dropped their older sisters from one of his programs.