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‘Law & Order: SVU’: The Theory Behind Olivia Benson’s Failed Relationships

by Jacklyn Krol
Bauzen, GC Images

Law & Order: SVU fans are theorizing why Olivia Benson has had a slew of failed relationships.

Reddit user @FewDeer489 started a thread concerning Olivia Benson’s ex-boyfriends.

“Why is it that every time Olivia has a romantic relationship or feelings for someone and they feel the same way they leave right after they tell her? Is it just to show that she never really had anyone to depend on? What y’all’s thoughts?” they questioned.

One fan theorized that she couldn’t commit to a relationship. They noted that she’s a bit too reserved and could be scared of emotional intimacy. “I think many of her partners really loved her but she was unwilling/unable to truly commit to them,” the Law & Order fan said.

Additionally, another fan suggested that viewers didn’t see enough of her relationships. Over the seasons, we’ve seen minimal details concerning her love interests. The viewer suggested that the writers tend to make the breakups “melodramatic.” That clue could lead fans to have the impression that they were serious.

“I think the whole point with Hayden was had they actually disclosed, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to be together (necessary precautions from the higher-ups would have been taken for the propriety of their cases). I somehow don’t think the necessity of disclosure would be lost on the current pairing,” another user added.

Christopher Meloni’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Departure

Mariska Hargitay led Law & Order: SVU after Christopher Meloni left the series during Season 12.

Hargitay revealed to Variety that losing Meloni was painful. She said it hurt more because there was no closure. There was just a big hole.”

Eleven years later, Meloni rejoined the cast as a guest and got his own spinoff with Law & Order: Organized Crime.  Despite Their on-screen chemistry remained.

“I think we connected on so many different levels, which is really a gift with any human being. But we went through so much in the first 12 years and dug so deep and had a very full relationship and a very honest one and brave one.”

She added that they experienced things that their spouses couldn’t even understand. They helped create a hit show together.