‘Law & Order: SVU’: Is This the Worst Episode of the Show?

by Joe Rutland

Any TV show has its fair share of ups and downs regarding episodes. Some fans believe this Law & Order: SVU episode might be the worst.

Of course, fans are talking about this in a thread on Reddit. Law & Order: SVU has starred Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T for many seasons. Which one do they think is the worst ever from the Dick Wolf series?

The thread is titled “I think the episode about DID “Alternate” is one of the worst episodes in the show.” DID stands for Dissociated Identity Disorder. This Season 9 episode, according to IMDb, has this synopsis: “A woman’s child is missing, but her multiple personalities make finding out what happened to the child more difficult.” This case gets further complicated by a relative’s appearance.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Considers ‘Alternate’ Episode As ‘A Bit Goofy’

And the Redditor writes that this person believes this might be one of the series’ worst in that era. “First off, the episode itself is a bit goofy,” the Law & Order: SVU fan writes. “SVU and the Law and Order universe as a whole despite being fictional maintains a consistent realistical [spl] tone and atmosphere. So the episode depicting Dissociative Identity Disorder in such an unrealistic and absurd way was pretty weird to me.”

The Redditor writes that the person knows that Cynthia Nixon, who plays Janis never actually has DID. “But her performance fooled everyone and the episode took her 100% seriously,” this fan writes. “Which is odd because how the disorder is presented in the show is essentially a very fictionalized and dramatized take on the disorder.

“Essentially it’s what the average person would think people with DID would act,” the Law & Order: SVU fan writes. “Not how they actually do in real life. And as a franchise that adapts real-life crimes and again adheres to being as realistic as possible I find it incredibly stupid that none of the Detectives, attorneys, or psychs on the show could see she was clearly faking it.”

Fan Not Too Happy With Character Getting Off on Murdering Parents

There is more for this Redditor to comment on about this episode. “And this part might seem a bit morally ambiguous but it bothered me nonetheless,” the fan writes. “When Janis gets off murdering her parents due to the insanity plea, Benson (Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) don’t buy it.” The writer says they dig more. They find out that this whole thing is a set-up for Janis and her sister to get payback for abuse.

This Redditor felt that Stabler and Benson were upset that they got fooled by Janis. In turn, the two characters went after Janis’ sister “because they really took that personally. It didn’t seem like Justice.”