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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Touches Upon Ice-T’s Roots

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

It is always going to be a good time when Law & Order: SVU decides to dig a bit into Ice-T’s character, Detective Fin Tutuola. In the latest episode, they take a look at some Brooklyn drill rap, and it is both informing and hilarious.

Whenever there is rap music involved, viewers know that Ice-T is going to have a lot to do with the episode. This episode, titled, Nightmares In Drill City revolves around DA Dominick Carisi and Det. Tutuola. This case deals with a rapper by the name of G. While listening to some of his music, Tutuola explains the subgenre to the District Attorney.

“The music’s called drill,” the detective said. “It’s made famous by Chief Keef out of Chicago. It spread everywhere. It’s like competition on whose crew is the hardest.”

That is a pretty good explanation of the genre which did gain popularity in Chicago. An off-shoot of trap, the beats are similar with a focus on crime-related lyrics. This clip from the show is a decent TV adaptation of the genre at a very local level.

One thing that is clear from this episode, there is going to be a lot of tension and moral dilemma for the Law & Order: SVU team. Carisi is going to have to differentiate between a perp and a victim, all wrapped up into one person. Things aren’t always as cut and dry as good guys and bad guys. That’s what the DA is going to have to find out for himself.

Give me Ice-T explaining modern rap genres to his coworkers for the rest of the season. Seriously, this is great! It is always fun when the gangster rap pioneer himself gets to show off his knowledge and expertise. I’m sure that the actor enjoys it himself.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ ‘OC’ Crossover Bringing Back Character

We are headed for the December 9th crossover episode of Law & Order: SVU with Organized Crime. That could only mean one thing, big drama is on the horizon. The next stage of the season is starting and that means new story arcs are on the way. Stabler is out from his undercover assignment, and now we don’t know what might happen next.

Viewers are hoping that there will be a resolution to the Richard Wheatley saga. He has yet to have his court case and that is likely on the way. Meanwhile, ADA Rafael Barba is set to return and ADA Carisi is going to have to go toe to toe with him. Barba is no longer a prosecutor and has instead moved on to criminal defense.

One thing is for certain, Law & Order: SVU is going to bring the action. Viewers are eager to get into the next part of the season and see what lies ahead.