‘Law & Order: SVU’: Was This Olivia Benson’s Best Moment of Season 22?

by Caitlin Berard

Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson has been a staple of Law & Order: SVU since the show’s inception back in 1999. Throughout the show’s 22 seasons, we’ve seen Olivia Benson grow and change, both as a person and a police officer. Now, typically, a show would begin to lose steam long before its 22nd season, but SVU is an anomaly. Rather than fizzling out or winding down, it only seems to grow as the years pass.

For years, Olivia Benson fought crime alongside her partner and close friend, Elliot Stabler. Sadly, Stabler retired from the unit after Season 12. Christopher Meloni, the actor behind the beloved detective, was in need of “new adventures”. Last year, however, Stabler made his return, first in a string of SVU episodes, then in his own Law and Order spinoff, Law and Order: Organized Crime.

It was in one of these Benson and Stabler throwback episodes that fans believe Olivia Benson had her best moment of the entire season. In the 9th episode of the season, entitled “Return of the Prodigal Son,” Elliot Stabler reappeared on the SVU roster to the delight of the series’ long-time fans.

It took a few episodes for the dynamic duo to get their groove back, but they finally hit their stride in episode 13, “Trick-Rolled at the Moulin”. In this episode, Benson and Stabler work together to interrogate an accused drug dealer, creating a scene extremely reminiscent of the old-school SVU days.

Fans took to Reddit to express their excitement about the glimpse into the past. “Anyone else have full body chills the whole time Elliot and Liv are on screen together?”, one user asks. Another writes, “Ohhhh vintage Stabler and Benson interrogation!”

Law & Order Stars Spend Time Together On and Off the Season 22 Set

Benson has provided countless iconic SVU moments all on her own since Stabler’s departure. However, we can’t help but acknowledge the fact that the detective is simply at her best with her friend and partner by her side.

And the best part about the relationship between Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler? That it’s absolutely genuine. The stars behind the celebrated characters, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, are best friends in real life!

Not only that, but the two regularly break the internet by posting pictures of themselves hanging out backstage on the set of Law and Order. In the most recent of these posts, Chris Meloni writes, “Was organizing some crime and I found Mariska Hargitay #GoodFind.”

The post is flooded with comments from frenzied fans. One writes, “FINALLY CHRISKA CONTENT” (Chriska is their couple name). Another says, “Not freaking out…not freaking out…sooo freaking out”. The duo is completely aware that their fans lose their minds with every snapshot – and continue to post them. Legends.