‘Law & Order: SVU’: Which Two Assistant DAs Would Make for the Best Showdown?

by Quentin Blount

Alright, Law & Order: SVU fans. We came across a doozy of a question on Reddit and we need to know what your thoughts are.

There have been countless Assistant District Attorneys on Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) over the years. Some of the favorites to hold the position include the likes of Alex Cabot (Stephanie March), Casey Novak (Diane Neal), and Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza). But if you had to pick any two ADAs for a showdown against each other, who would you go with? Tough question, we know.

One user on Reddit who goes by the username GenneyaK posed that very question to Law & Order: SVU fans. Some of the answers on the post may surprise you.

“What two SVU Ada’s would you want to see battle it out in the court room?” user GenneyaK asks. “What Ada’s do you think would make for an interesting court battle against each other? Or what Ada’s would you want to see collaborate? Bonus: What type of case would you want to see them battle out and who would you put on the prosecution and who on the defense?”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Reply to Question on Reddit

It goes without saying that Law & Order: SVU fans are one of the most passionate fan bases out there. That couldn’t have been more evident after seeing the responses on the recent Reddit post.

“Alex Cabot vs Casey Novak because we already had Barba vs Carisi,” one fan said.

Meanwhile, another fan thinks it would be cool to see Cabot and Novak battle it out with Barba. Not only that, but they believe the two women would give Barba a “run for his money.”

“Cabot and Novak could give Barba a run for his money,” a second person said. “Which would be lovely to see. Would be funny when all three land in a cell for being held in contempt.”

A separate group of SVU fans think that the only real answer to this question is Cabot versus Barba.

“Cabot vs Barba but they’re both on the other side now,” another fan replied. “The two of them working together against Carisi would be fun to watch, but just mean.”

We kind of have to agree with that one — Alex Cabot versus Rafael Barba in the courtroom would crazy to see. They are arguably two of the most beloved characters in the show to have held the position.

“Cabot vs Barba would be legendary,” agreed yet another Reddit user. “They are both so passionate and eloquent but bite back with wit and sarcasm at the perfect moments. I’ve enjoyed watching Carisi’s character development but I miss the old ADAs.”

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