‘Law & Order’: What Happened to Character Mike Logan After He Retired?

by Jacklyn Krol

Whatever happened to Law & Order character Mike Logan and actor Chris Noth?

Mike Logan appeared on a total of 111 episodes of Law & Order between 1990 and 1995. He appeared on Criminal Intent a total of 37 times beginning in 2005 and concluding in 2008. Although he did have two epic send-offs from the two series, fans couldn’t help but wonder what he would be doing today.

Fans on Reddit also shared their theories about what Mike is up to today.

“He became the love interest of a sex columnist,” one user suggested.

Additionally, other fans suggested that he became a private detective or in the security sector. Everyone agreed that he would enjoy being the boss.

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf told Spokesman that they wanted to send Mike Logan off of CI with “a soul-searching episode.”

“He did the mother ship, he did the movie and he did ‘Criminal Intent.’ God knows, he’ll probably do whatever the future show is,” Wolf shared. “I can always see Chris coming back. How shall I put it? He’s not the prodigal son, he’s the wandering son.”

‘Law & Order’ Send-Offs

Mike Logan first departed the original series in 1995. Logan punched a city councilman who got away with murder. As punishment, he was transferred to a Staten Island team. Meanwhile, Van Buren unsuccessfully attempted to get him fired to no avail.

In 1998, he briefly returned to Law & Order. He reunited with his former team to investigate a murder. He originally planned to solve the case and get in good graces so that he could return. Things didn’t pan out that way. He discovered that his former friend was an informant for the mafia family that completed the murder. He then remained on Staten Island.

Wolf told the Associated Press that Noth wanted a huge raise that would have been “impossible to grant.” His manager noted that he wanted to pursue a career in film. Seven years later, Noth returned to the franchise for the new spin-off series.

Finally, in 2008, Logan departed CI. His character was investigating a corrupt ADA. Terri Driver was gaslighting people that she believed were innocent for her own gain. Driver knew that the team was on her tail. She ended up having Wheeler’s fiance arrested on completely fraudulent charges. Logan was extremely distraught after witnessing the corruption in the legal and police systems. He consulted with a priest who advised him to go on to the next chapter of his life, away from the force.