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‘Law & Order’: What Other Cast Alums Could Join Anthony Anderson on Reboot?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo By Getty Images)

“Law& Order” is coming back for a revival, and fans are wondering who else is going to join Anthony Anderson and reprise their role. Former “Law & Order” stars are keeping busy, but maybe they can put some things on hold if Dick Wolf comes calling.

Anthony Anderson played Detective Kevin Bernard for seasons 18 to 20, and is coming back for season 21. Jeffrey Donovan, of “Burn Notice” fame, is joining the cast as a detective, as well as “Hannibal” actor Hugh Dancy as an ADA. There are some obvious fan favorites from the old cast, but what are they up to nowadays? Could they even make time to come back?

First there’s Benjamin Bratt. He played Rey Curtis from seasons 6 to 9. Recently, he’s had a guest role on “Modern Family” since 2010 until last year. He was also in a movie called “Best Summer Ever.” Currently, he’s filming a miniseries called “DMZ,” so we can probably count him out of “Law & Order.”

S. Epatha Merkerson, who played Anita Van Buren, has been busy as well, starring on “Chicago Med” as Sharon Goodwin. She’s been there since 2015; the show is in its 7th season, just 8 episodes in. She’ll most likely return if the show is picked up for an 8th season. She was also in the film “Sexual Healing,” about Marvin Gaye’s later years. The film is currently in post-production, and there’s nothing else lined up for Merkerson except for the rest of “Chicago Med.” Is it possible she’s leaving her schedule open for “Law & Order”?

‘Law & Order’: Who Else Could Be Coming Back for the Revival?

Jesse L. Martin met up with his old co-star S. Epatha Merkerson to star as Marvin Gaye alongside her in the film “Sexual Healing.” On “Law & Order,” Martin played Detective Ed Green. He was recently in another film, “Re: Uniting,” that’s also in post-production. Martin has a film lined up called “Silent Rhythm” in pre-production; there’s no date listed for production, so maybe he can sneak some “Law & Order” filming in there too?

Sam Waterston is a fan-favorite, and a lot of people wanted to see him sign on when news broke about the revival. Recently, he’s had a pretty steady role on “Grace and Frankie” as Sol Bergstein, and the show is continuing its 6th season. Also, he has a miniseries called “The Dropout” in post-production. After that, there’s nothing listed, so it’s possible he’s cleared his schedule for “Law & Order.”

Fans are chomping at the bit to see DA Jack McCoy back in action; hopefully they get their wishes granted and get to see their old favorites back on screen. “Law & Order” season 21 premieres on February 24, 2022 on NBC. Keep your eyes peeled until then to find out who else is joining the cast.