LeAnn Rimes Poses for New Swimsuit Pics While Enjoying ‘Lake Life’ on Her Birthday: ‘This Is 39’

by Taylor Cunningham

Country songstress LeAnn Rimes turned 39 today, and she’s celebrating in Lake Tahoe.

Rimes took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday with fans, and she posted a stunning picture. In the photo, she’s looking ageless against a peaceful Northern Californian mountainside.

“This is 39!” she captioned. According to an earlier post, Rimes, who is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of her breakout hit Blue, is on vacation with her husband, Eddie Cibrian. 

LeAnn also dropped a surprise earlier today to mark the last year in her 30s. In a video, she told her fans that her 2006 album Whatever We Wanna will be digitally available across the globe on September 10th. On top of that, the album will come with “additional songs and remixes to up the ante.” And fans who pre-order will get instant access to her singles Strong and Everybody’s Someone.

According to the video, her album reveal is only the first of many surprises to come. But Leanne Rimes isn’t dropping any hints about what’s next, so we’ll have to keep checking her page for updates.

LeAnn Rimes Celebrates 25th Anniversary of ‘Blue’

Most country fans remember when LeAnn Rimes broke into the music world at only 13 years old. The singer’s small frame came with a giant voice, and she stunned listeners when she belted her soulful hit. Her style reminded us of classic artists like Patsy Cline.

Her first album, which was named after her smash single, was released in 1996. It soared to the number one spot on the country chars and went muli-platinum. But surprisingly, Blue almost wasn’t released.

Rimes recalled her rise to fame on an episode of Apple Country Music with Kelleigh Bannen. During their conversation, she told Bannen that someone sent a demo of Blue in the mail after Rimes sang the National Anthem at a local sporting event.

Rimes said that her dad disapproved of the single and threw it in the trash. She said he didn’t even let her listen to it first. But Rimes claims she was a “defiant child,” and that served her well.

“When my dad left one time after he threw in the trash, he was leaving to go somewhere. I went and dug it out of the trash, and I listened to it,” she said. She admitted that the demo was “awful,” but she wanted to prove herself to her dad, so she set out to turn the song into a hit.

“It didn’t sound anything like the song that you hear now, but because of my defiance, I’m like, ‘I’m going to show my dad that this song’s great,’” she said proudly.

“By the time [my dad] got back, I’d put that little Yodel thing in there. Then he was like, ‘Oh, it’s like a different song,’” she remembered. And she was right. Her defiance did serve her well because 25 years later, LeAnn Rimes is a Grammy award-winning artist.