LeAnn Rimes Teaming Up With Property Brothers to Surprise Friend in ‘Celebrity IOU’ First Look

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Country-pop artist LeAnn Rimes picked up a sledgehammer, put on some clear safety glasses, and got to work to help with a home renovation.

She is the latest of several celebrities to appear on the HGTV program “Celebrity IOU.” This is a show where Drew and Jonathan Scott, known for their work on “Property Brothers,” team up with different A-list celebrities for home renovations. The renovations aren’t for them, however.

Instead, these celebrities pick someone that has had a profound impact on their life and then they surprise them with a glorious home makeover. It’s an emotional and heartwarming process that spreads the message of appreciation.

The show will feature celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Allison Janney, Viola Davis, Justin Hartley, Melissa McCarthy, Kris Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michael Bublé, amongst others. LeAnn Rimes is teasing her upcoming appearance on the show.

She chose her longtime friend and counselor Roger for the renovation of a lifetime. The show will air on HGTV, but an exclusive clip gives us what to expect. You can watch the episode on HGTV on June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. Rimes and the two Scott brothers work to tear down a stubborn freestanding wall. She states, “If anybody ever needs anybody to help with demo, I’m available. It was so fun.” 

Rimes seems to have enjoyed smashing down the walls.

In many ways, her friend Roger was someone who helped her tear down her own walls at one point. She shared a clip on Instagram where she explains to Drew and Jonathan exactly why Roger deserves the surprise and so much more. She even calls him her second dad.

“Roger is the one who saw right through what was going on in my life. He knew I was just kind of ready to seek help,” Rimes said.

LeAnn Rimes has been incredibly open about her struggle with mental health issues in the past. Her musical career starting off when she was only a 13-year-old kid led to “so much anxiety and depression.” She had the ultimate “IOU” for Roger.

This video also leaks what is probably the most emotional moment of the entire upcoming episode. That is, the moment Roger finds out about the monumental surprise. LeAnn Rimes says, “I wanted to do something special for you because you’ve helped me so much in my life. Eight years ago, when I was probably at the lowest point of my life, you basically saved my life. I love you so much.”

The singer told People magazine in 2020 about some of her struggles with her mental health over the years. She said she checked herself into a facility for mental health in 2012 when she was 30.

“It’s something I’ve been very vocal about, because I feel like there’s so much stigma around it … I honestly would have never been able to create something like this if it wasn’t for my journey with starting to get help when I was 30 and then my journey from there. Life has a funny way of putting us through the wringer in order for us to come out on the other side and help others,” LeAnn Rimes said.