‘Leave It To Beaver’: How the Classic Series Has a Bizarre Connection to ‘The Munsters’

by Matthew Wilson

“Leave It to Beaver” oozes nostalgia for the 1950s and 60s, capturing a time period in a boy’s youth. But it also has a strange connection to the gothic sitcom “The Munsters.”

The two shows couldn’t be more different. But they’re shared by a common history and more than a few bizarre connections. “Leave It to Beaver” focused on Beaver Cleaver and his daily exploits. He was often getting into trouble with his friends in the neighborhood. Cleaver’s story was the one that many boys had during that time period.

Meanwhile, “The Munsters” explored if classic Universal horror monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula lived ordinary suburban lives. Herman and his family were based on cinema’s greatest monsters of old. But they also acted as a parody to “Leave It to Beaver” and its normalcy. Unlike the Cleavers, they weren’t an average normal family.

According to ScreenRant, the two shows featured the same creators behind the scenes. Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher were producers on “Leave It to Beaver” and also wrote episodes. Later, they would lend their talents to “The Munsters” as well. The two shows even had a brief cross-over during a couple of “Leave It to Beaver” episodes. The characters walked past “The Munsters” house on occasion. This was possible because both shows were filmed on the same lot.

‘The Munsters’ Find New Blood

But if we had to choose between “Leave It to Beaver” and “The Munsters,” then the latter is probably the best to resurrect. “Leave It to Beaver” was a product of its time. And it’s hard to replicate those same 1950s experiences and values in a 2021-setting. Times have changed, and viewers have found more modern coming-of-age tales to latch onto.

Universal seems to agree and is giving new life to “The Munsters” property once more. The Munster family is getting resurrected as a big-screen adaptation. Although, some may pause at the creator. Singer and director Rob Zombie is writing and directing the film. Zombie has been mostly known for his independent horror films that have plenty of gore and insanity.

But “The Munsters” may have starred horror characters. But at its heart, it was a family production. It focused on the drama within the Munster household with a ghoulish lens. It remains to be seen if Rob Zombie can capture that same magic or if he will go more in a horror direction.