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‘Leave It to Beaver’: Jerry Mathers Explained Why the Show Connects to Fans in Modern Day

by Will Shepard
(Photo by ABC via Getty Images)

Jerry Mathers was starring in Leave It to Beaver nearly 70 years ago. The six seasons that it ran for were absolutely fantastic, and people fell in love with the show.

Now, 63 years later, the show is still relevant. It is incredibly impressive that the show is still garnering an audience whenever it comes on television. More importantly, it says a lot about how the show was constructed.

Jerry Mathers was the centerpiece of Leave It to Beaver and has been talking about. In an interview with My Primetime News, he talks about all of the things that are attracting new fans.

“Leave It to Beaver” Is Still Attracting a New Audience According to Jerry Mathers

During the interview from 2013, Mathers explains why the show is still ringing true with a modern audience. He explains that even though much of life for kids has changed, a lot is still true. There are lots of lessons to be had in Leave It to Beaver.

Leave It to Beaver is about everyday life situations. It’s about family and kids growing up. Yes, times have changed. Today’s family life is [at] a faster pace than in the 1950s, but kids today have many of the same life concerns such as… the first day of school, learning discipline, the first dance, saving money, and other ups and downs of life.”

While many of the lessons are different, the undertones and basis are still true today. Leave It to Beaver is also an incredibly funny show and will always be that way.

“Many of Leave It to Beaver scripts were based on real-life situations. Most of the significant themes were based on truth, driven by real stories that were shared with the show’s writers, producer, and director.”

So, no matter how where the show gets its reruns, fans will continue to enjoy Leave It to Beaver. Perhaps that is in part due to how amazing Jerry Mathers is in the show.