‘Leave It To Beaver’ Was First Show to Have Series Finale for This Reason

by Atlanta Northcutt

Next time you reach the end of your favorite TV series and learn about the fate of the characters you’ve come to know and love, you can thank “Leave It To Beaver.”

Why thank the popular TV sitcom? Well, it’s actually the first program to ever bring its series to a permanent and complete close.

“Leave It To Beaver” Leaves Nothing Behind

“Leave It To Beaver” ran from 1957 to 1963. The show didn’t come to end because of low ratings. In fact, the Cleavers were still a beloved sitcom family. The sitcom never became unpopular. Instead, the main character of the ABC program decided to leave show-biz in order to experience his high school years.

Jerry Mathers played the main character of the show, Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver. He was only eight at the time of landing the role. Therefore, Mathers had a very unique upbringing in the spotlight.

Although someone may receive the subjects of grade school, they miss the social experiences of actually being in physical attendance. Jerry came to this realization. When it came time for high school, the young actor made the decision to be part of the full experience.

Giving The Cleaver Family A Proper Ending

“Leave It To Beaver” focused on the relationship between Theodore and his older brother, Wally, who was played by Tony Dow. As the final season began to come to its end, Wally was leaving high school and taking the next big step to college. The two are separated by distance with Theodore just beginning to enter his high school years.

Instead of letting the sitcom end in different directions with no true conclusion, the producers decided the Cleaver family deserved better. Not only the family but the show’s devoted fans needed to see the characters’ lives wrapped up.

“Leave It To Beaver” is the first prime-time series with a complete finale, changing the way TV programs operate for the unforeseeable future.