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Lebron James Builds a Giant Custom Playhouse for His Daughter

by Chris Haney
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Earlier this month, NBA superstar LeBron James closed on his new $36.8 million Los Angeles mansion formerly occupied by Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn. And now his daughter, Zhuri, has her own mansion within a mansion.

Fresh off the Los Angeles Lakers 17th NBA championship, James built an enormous custom playhouse for his soon to be 6-year-old daughter. Zhuri now owns her own mini version of the family’s Brentwood home.

The early birthday gift sits in the James family’s backyard. The mini-mansion is outfitted with many features that are included in the larger home. The all-white playhouse looks just like the larger mansion and includes a study room, large windows, and custom flooring.

Additionally, the play home comes with a full kitchen – non-working appliances included. In fact, the kitchen has a play oven, stove, fridge, cabinets, and a dining table with a wrap-around booth and chairs.

LeBron James Shows Off His Daughter’s New Playhouse

James shared a video on his Instagram story that he took of Zhuri’s new playhouse. As the clip starts, James shows the back of the family’s L.A. mansion. Next, he pans over to the backyard where the new miniature version of their home was built.

“This is outside the house. And then this little girl has the nerve to have her own house,” James says jokingly. “Are you doing school? Are you doing school from your crib?”

Zhuri nods “yes” to her father from her front door with a big grin on her face as she obviously enjoys her new gift. She had a short break from her schooling so she decided to hang out in her playhouse to James’ amusement.

In a lighthearted moment at the end of the video, James asks if he can come in and sit down on Zhuri’s couch. She says he can, but then she notices her dad tracked in dirt as he walked in her playhouse’s front door. She immediately grabs a napkin from the kitchen table and begins to clean her custom floors.

James can’t help but to burst out in laughter as he says, “Oh, my bad! I got your floor dirty.”