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Led Zeppelin Icon Robert Plant Teases He Has a ‘Jetpack’ if He Wants to Return to Rock

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

For now, it seems that Robert Plant has put rock behind him. The famed singer-songwriter has turned to Americana in recent years. He has put a lot of work into new genres and that has mostly focused on folk music. He has been working with Alison Krauss for more than a few years.

Since stepping away from Led Zeppelin and rock ‘n roll itself, Plant has been doing music that he enjoys. Not just playing, but exploring and discovering new things as well. His second album with Krauss, Raise the Roof is releasing this November 19. This is just the next in a line of solo albums that Plant has recorded in recent years.

Robert Plant spoke with the Guardian about the new album about his career path and the possibility that he will go back to rock.

“None of this music is rock, it’s not about power and posture. How remarkable for me to be able to jump ship so long ago now. But I have a jetpack on my back in case I want to go back. If I come from the land of the ice and snow, I’ll be OK.”

For those Zeppelin fans reading you will catch that reference to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. If he has a jetpack back to the rock genre, that means we could see a shift at a moment’s notice. However, don’t hold your breath. In 2007, he and Krauss released their first album, Raising Sand. Now, they will try to replicate the success they had then.

Robert Plant Living Up to Past Success in New Genre

With a musical mind like Plant has combined with another superstar in Krauss, it is no wonder why the pair works so well. They have such wonderful insights into music but come from very different backgrounds as well. Now, they will try to impress again with Raise the Roof.

“Alison and I have something – theoretically – to live up to, as far as how it worked out before, Plant said. “But the most important thing to do was maintain a really interesting variety of sources of song. Because what do we do in our quietest times, when we have a music machine? We go to places that really, really make us feel good.”

The entire project is based on covers of classic Americana songs. That means the source material is there, but they aren’t looking to just copy and paste songs. So, the creativity is going to be top-notch and fans should expect some great sound from the duo.