‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Reboot Revived by CW for Adult Competitors

by Jon D. B.

Get ready, 90s kids, Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back with an adult spin just in time for said 90s kids to be adult contestants!

Were you a Purple Parrot, Green Monkey, or Blue Barracuda? A Silver Snake or Orange Iguana, maybe? No matter your team (Red Jaguars included, of course), you had nightmares about Olmec and the Temple Guards. But get ready to face those fears and return to the jungle, because Nickelodeon is gearing up for a Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot!

This time, however, the contestants will all be adults. So if you missed your chance like the rest of us 90s kids, reality is weaving a curveball made just for you. While the rules and core challenge are set to stay the same, the entire affair will be scaled up in difficulty for adult contenders. Probably for the best. We definitely hope there are still enough knee pads, bright t-shirts, and bike helmets to go around, though.

At its core, Legends of the Hidden Temple is a game show that sees contestants join a team, then try to solve a core mystery. Finding clues along the way from the all-mighty Olmec is key – and hopefully leads to a triumphant party reaching the treasure at the heart of the Hidden Temple.

These core characteristics will stay intact, Gamespot reports. The show’s original, cramped in-studio vibe will be ditched, however. In its stead will be a “man-made jungle” with far tougher, adult-centric challenges. Thankfully, the prizes will be upscaled, as well, giving older contestants something to fight for.

Want to Compete on ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’? Now’s Your Chance!

Want to get in on the fun? Believe it or not, LegendsCasting.com has an open-call for contestants going right now. While they make it easy to apply, there’s no hint of production or air dates yet.

As for ideal contestants, however, they do have a bit of info. Legends is looking for “teams of two who are able to be in the Los Angeles area during the month of July, who work well together and want to prove they have what it takes.”

But if this all sounds a bit familiar, though, that’s because Legends has been rebooted before. Several times over, in fact. Just last year, failed-streamer Quibi tried their hand at the games how – even issuing casting calls – but it tanked along with the platform itself.

Before that, Nickelodeon made a Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie for kids. Which would make sense if any kid today was alive to even watch the original (which they weren’t). This alone makes the film (and we use that term lightly) a head-scratcher, especially after viewing the trailer:

Excited for the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot? We are, too! Plenty of Outsiders are sure to apply and star – so we’re eager to see where this new incarnation takes fans of old.