Leonardo DiCaprio Announces $43 Million Donation to Conservation Efforts in Galápagos Islands

by Halle Ames

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is making a significant contribution to the conservation efforts in the Galápagos Islands. 

Leave it to our beloved Leo to be the one to change the Earth for the better. What can’t this man do!

According to the Good News Network, Leonardo DiCaprio is partnering with more than 40 groups to help restore one of the world’s most flourishing ecosystems. He will be donating $43 million to tackling three issues throughout the Galápagos Islands. 

Firstly, he hopes to restore Floreana Island. Unfortunately, this island has seen the most destruction in the Galápagos from humans. 

Secondly, Leonardo DiCaprio plans to help increase the population of the critically endangered pink iguana on Isabela Island. 

And finally, DiCaprio will fund the strengthening protection of the archipelago’s marine reserves. The reserve is vital to the local economy. However, in recent years they have been overwhelmed and taken over by foreign fishing fleets.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Re: wild

One of the leading groups in the effort is Re: wild. Global Wildlife Conservation as well as the founding board member Leonardo DiCaprio formed the organization.

The Galápagos Islands are the first location being aided since the start of by Re: wild. However, it will not be the last. The group hopes to expand globally by emphasizing the idea of rewilding, which means restoring species and ecosystems to previous levels of abundance and health.

“Re: wild offers a bold vision to amplify and scale the local solutions being led by Indigenous peoples and local communities, nongovernmental organizations, companies, and government agencies, to help increase their impact around the world,” says Leonardo DiCaprio. “The environmental heroes that the planet needs are already here. Now we all must rise to the challenge and join them.”

Furthermore, Re: wild’s Galápagos initiative aims to reintroduce 13 species that have gone extinct and help increase the population of the island’s 54 threatened species.

The 46-year-old actor has also utilized his booming social media accounts to market the initiative. Leonardo DiCaprio boasts over 86 million followers across his InstagramTwitter, as well as Facebook platforms. 

Paula Castaño

Leonardo DiCaprio explained why he is taking on this project. He also noted how he met Paula Castaño, a veterinarian and biologist with Island Conservation who lives in the Galápagos Islands.

“When I traveled to the Galápagos Islands, I met with Paula Castaño and other environmental heroes in Ecuador working day in and day out to save one of the most irreplaceable places on the planet. I’m excited to share her team’s work and to support the longstanding effort to protect and restore these iconic islands, alongside the team at Re: wild.” 

We, here at Outsider, tip our caps to you, Leonardo DiCaprio. You are making our world a better place, one philanthropic project at a time.