LeVar Burton Apologizes to Mark Wahlberg After Accidentally Calling Him ‘Donny’ in Praise of New Film

by Matthew Wilson

Accidents do happen from time to time. Future “Jeopardy!” guest host LeVar Burton is apologizing to actor Mark Wahlberg for mistaking him for his brother.

Donnie Wahlberg and his younger brother Mark do bear a striking resemblance. But Burton quickly realized his mistake after posting on social media about a recent movie he watched. He initially thought Donnie starred in the Paramount film “Infinite.”

He wrote, “Wow! Just finished ‘Infinite’ with Donny Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor… Stunning!”

But LeVar Burton quickly realized that he had the wrong Wahlberg brother. He corrected his previous tweet with a follow-up, apologizing to Mark.

“My apologies to Mark Wahlberg. No excuse for getting his name wrong. Even if it’s his brother’s name,” he wrote.

It seems that even some of LeVar Burton’s followers had trouble separating the Wahlberg brothers. For instance, one user wrote, “He was great in Band of Brothers.* *(kidding, that actually was Donnie).”

Another wrote, “you mixed up a new Kid on the Block with the Lead Singer in Marky Mark and the funky bunch….”

Wahlberg Brothers: Hollywood Superstar Siblings

So for those like Burton struggling to tell the difference between the two brothers? We here, at Outsider, have you covered with this simple way to tell the two brothers apart. If it’s a high-budget action film or a comedy, Mark is the likely Wahlberg brother at the helm. Throughout his career, Wahlberg has made a name for himself starring in films like the “Transformers” franchise and “Ted.”

But he does sometimes headline dramas and biopics as well. For instance, Wahlberg starred in “Deepwater Horizon” in 2016. That film explored the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig out in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion happened in 2010, killing 11 workers and causing an environmental disaster.

Meanwhile, Donnie Wahlberg has found his niche playing on television and in suspenseful horror films. For instance, he starred in the “Saw” franchise as Detective Eric Matthews. But these days, “Blue Bloods” takes up much of his time. He entertains audiences as Danny Reagan on the show. It’s a part that Wahlberg has played for 11 seasons and counting.

But if you’re trying to guess which Wahlberg brother got their start in a boy band, well then things get confusing. Donnie Wahlberg first rose to fame as the frontman of the band New Kids on the Block. Likewise, following in his brother’s fame, Mark became the lead for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

These days, the two Wahlbergs partner with their other brothers on the successful Wahlburgers franchise. They even launched a reality television show based upon the restaurant franchise.