‘Life Below Zero’ and Spin-Off ‘Next Generation’ Season Premiere Dates Announced with Teaser Clip

by John Jamison

Since 2013, “Life Below Zero” has been giving fans a window into the hostile and unforgiving prospect of living off the grid in Alaska. With Sue Aikens and the Hailstones as its main subjects, the show has enjoyed a long, critically acclaimed run on the National Geographic Channel. Now, it’s getting ready to head into a 17th season alongside the newer title’s, “Life Below Zero: Next Generation,” third.

They released a teaser video to drum up excitement for the shows’ premieres in the Fall. Both shows are set to air back-to-back on Labor Day, with their second episodes coming on the next day, September 7th.

“Are we ready for winter? I don’t know if you’re ever ready for it, but that’s just life out here,” the teaser begins.

“Alaska doesn’t care about your age or your years of experience,” the teaser tells us. “Up here, the only number that matters is measured in degrees.”

It’s a rare and rough type of person willing to brave the wilderness of Alaska. And that’s exactly who “Life Below Zero” seeks to document. According to TV Insider, the upcoming season of the show will follow Sue Aikens as she deals with predators along the Kavik River. It will also feature the Hailstones as they improve their homestead. And will track the progress of Jessie Holmes, Ricko DeWilde, and Andy Bassich, among others.

On the other hand, “Life Below Zero: Next Generation” Season 3 will find the Roach family teaching survival skills. Johnny Rolfe will put his backcountry skills to the test in the frigid Alaskan temperatures. And the Morses, who may have had enough of the difficult way of life.

‘Life Below Zero’ Star Sue Aikens Looks at Life Through a Different Lens

It’s easy for most to sit back and observe how depressing or lonely it must be for someone like Sue Aikens to carry out a life of solitude in the Alaskan bush. But the fact of the matter is that Sue’s outlook and the average person’s thought process are so radically different that assumptions about her mental state are useless.

It should go without saying that it does no good to tell someone how they should feel. As a star of “Life Below Zero,” Sue Aikens has put her life out there for everyone to see. The last thing she intended to get was pity, and that’s clearly not what she wants.

“I don’t come from a real emotional place in how I live, and what I mean by that, people will say, ‘Oh my gosh, you must be lonely, Sue.’ And I go, ‘No, no, no.’ Lonely — there’s a negative connotation, and you’re dwelling in what you don’t have. And you’re thinking about, oh, I don’t have somebody here. I’m lonely — it’s an active, disparaging thing. I register that I live alone, but it doesn’t follow that I’m lonely,” Aikens told Hollywood Soapbox in 2020.