Lily Collins Pens Heartfelt Tribute To Dad Phil Collins on His 71st Birthday

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, Emily in Paris star Lily Collins took to her Instagram account to wish her father and music legend, Phil Collins, a happy 71st birthday. 

In the special social media tribute to Phil Collins, the Emily in Paris star declared, “Happy birthday, Dad. I may no longer fit in your arms or sit comfortably on your shoulders. But you continue to hug me highly when I need it most. We may not get to spend time together that often. But when we are face to face, you really do see me.”

The actress also stated that Phil Collins may not always believe it but no matter how old she gets or what life may bring she will always need her dad. “Whether I’m proudly watching you up on stage; laughing at home together playing trivial pursuit, I’m forever grateful for the moments and memories we share. Especially the ones I now cherish as an adult myself.”

Lily goes on to thank Phil Collins for inspiring her and supporting the woman she is today. “I love you to the moon and back again…”

Lily is one of Phil Collins’ five children. Her mother is Jill Tavelman, who is Collins’ second wife. The couple was married from 1984 to 1996. 

Phil Collins’ Son Simon Discusses Family Get-Togethers 

During a March 2021 interview with Express, Phil Collins’ son Simon admitted that it is rare for the musician’s family to get together these days. Simon shared that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for him, his siblings, and his famous dad to get together. “Everyone in the family lives in different parts of the world. So it hasn’t really changed for us. We’re all still in touch. We keep in touch via Zoom.”

Phil Collins’ oldest son also shared where his siblings are currently living. “I’ve got two young brothers, one is in Miami and the other is France. My two sisters are in Vancouver and Los Angeles. We’re all over the place. And my dad is in Switzerland.”

While also discussing how the family celebrated Phil Collins’ 70th birthday last year, Simon said, “We were all on Zoom with him. It was lovely. It was great. It’s rare that we’re all under the same roof, it’s hard to get everyone together these days for sure.”

In regards to how the pandemic has impacted his everyday life, Phil Collins’ son shared, “It hasn’t changed a lot of things for me. Because I’m always in the studio making music. I’m always in a creative place. Of course, there is less to do now. You can’t go out of down to the pub for a social. My social time is now spent in the studio.”