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Linda Purl Cracks Joke, Posts Photo of Her, Patrick Duffy, and Dog Mia Enjoying a Day Out

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Actress Linda Purl is enjoying her life with boyfriend Patrick Duffy these days. That fun happens to include her dog, too.

Purl posted on Instagram a photo of, from right to left, herself, Duffy, friends Wendy Worrell Page and Bill Landrum. At the bottom of the picture is Purl’s dog, Mia.

She and Duffy have been together since last year. They have been friends for a long time, but Duffy was married to Carlyn Rosser for more than 40 years. Rosser died in 2017 from cancer. For his part, Duffy kind of believed his love life years were over with Rosser’s death.

Once Purl, 65, and Duffy, 71, reconnected through a group text connection that was happening due to coronavirus restrictions on travel, they actually ended up simply talking with one another.

That leads them to where they are today in this photo, sharing time with friends and, of course, Purl’s dog Mia.

While Purl has appeared on different TV series throughout her career, a lot of fans probably remember her best as Pam Beesly’s mother on NBC’s “The Office.”

Purl was married to Desi Arnaz Jr. from 1980–81, screenwriter William Broyles Jr. from 1988-92, screenwriter Alexander Cary between 1993-99, and James Vinson Adams from 2006-11.

Linda Purl Left ‘Matlock’ After Just One Season

Purl also had other TV series appearances on “Happy Days” and “Matlock.” Yet her departure from the Andy Griffith-led legal show was a bit of a surprise.

On “Matlock,” Linda Purl played Ben Matlock’s daughter Charlene. The show itself, obviously, was focused around Griffith and his defense attorney character. Well, Purl thought the father-daughter relationship might grow more during the first season.

It didn’t and she exited, stage left.

Yet Purl had not been simply sitting around waiting for a shot on “Matlock.”

Reportedly, she’d been working in the entertainment industry for almost 15 years. Purl had eight movies to her credit along with a host of stage appearances, too. She has also performed on stage as a singer in her own right.

As for Duffy, he earned worldwide acclaim by playing Bobby Ewing on “Dallas.” He had two turns on the popular CBS series, from 1978-85 and 1986-91. Duffy also returned to play the same role when TNT reprised “Dallas” between 2012-14.