Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac To Reportedly End Marriage with Kristen Messner after 21 Years

by Jon D. B.

Kristen Messner, married to Fleetwood Mac superstar Lindsey Buckingham for more than two decades, is going her own way.

Messner, a prolific photographer, has reportedly filed documents to split up with her iconic guitarist husband.

Fans the world over know and love Lindsey Buckingham’s work with Fleetwood Mac, and have seen the couple together at countless events, including the Grammys, CMAs, and the like.

Buckingham & Messner have been together for 21 years now. But according to TMZ, she’s now filing legal documents in L.A. County to “dissolve their marriage.”

The trade does not, however, offer up any terms regarding their split.

The couple’s more than two decades together brought 3 children, two of which are adults. Their youngest child, Stella, is now 17. Through this, at least, it seems there will be no custody issues.

Lindsey Buckingham Turn of the Century Marriage Ending

It’s hard to believe, but those 21 years ago lead to 2000. Buckingham and Messner were married that year at the turn of the century. Originally, they met when Messner was photographic the Fleetwood Mac legend for the cover of one of his solo albums, TMZ cites.

This is, unfortunately, rather ironic, as the guitarist literally just announced his next solo album – self-titled – on the same day that news of their split broke.

The first single on the record, “I Don’t Mind”, may take on new meaning now… Of the release, Lindsey Buckingham offers the following:

“My new self-titled album is one I’ve been intending to get out for a couple of years now, but on more than one occasion, unforeseen circumstances necessitated a postponement of plans,” says the icon via his official Twitter Tuesday. Now that we’re back in gear, I’m thrilled to finally be sharing new music with my listeners!”

Here’s to hoping for an amicable split, and all the best to both parties moving forward.