Lindsey Pearlman’s Autopsy Results Reportedly Concealed: Here’s Why

by Liz Holland

Authorities discovered 43 year old actress and Chicago native Lindsey Pearlman dead just four days ago. Pearlman appeared in roles on “General Hospital,” “Empire,” and “Chicago Justice.”

Just five days after she went missing in Los Angeles, authorities discovered her body. According to ABC7, investigators asked the public for help in the search for Pearlman. She was last seen around 12pm on Sunday. 

The Los Angeles Police Department shared that they responded to a call for a death investigation in a Hollywood residential neighborhood on Friday morning. A hiker came across a car near Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, a popular hiking spot. When they saw a body inside, they contacted police. Authorities later determined that the discovered body was Pearlman’s.

Lindsey Pearlman’s Autopsy Requires Additional Testing

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office, Pearlman’s autopsy is complete. However, the results remain unavailable to the public at the moment. Additional testing must take place in order to pinpoint her exact cause of death. However, authorities are deferring Pearlman’s case, which will delay any further investigation. 

According to TMZ, Pearlman suffered from depression throughout her life. Many suspect that the actress intentionally overdosed on pills as a means to take her own life. However, there is no official report from law officials that confirm this. Pearlman allegedly contacted her husband, Vance Smith, just one day before authorities discovered her body. Sources say she told Smith over the phone that she was intent on ending her life. While he contacted police and attempted to locate Pearlman, her husband reportedly did not see her alive again. 

According to TMZ, multiple sources report that Pearlman left two suicide notes– one in her home, as well as one in her car. Pearlman wrote the note found in the car to whoever would discover her body, urging them to call 911, reports say. Shortly after authorities discovered Pearlman’s body, the performer’s cousin, Savannah Pearlman, posted on social media. 

Family Members Share Suicide Prevention Resources Online

“UPDATE: I’m deeply sad to report that they have found Lindsey, and it was too late. I have no other information about the location or circumstance.”

She later added, “Please know that you are never truly alone. Lindsey’s sister has asked that we share the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.”

Pearlman’s husband also expressed his grief online. In an Instagram post last week, Vance Smith shared that his wife’s death left him feeling “broken.” 

“The police found Lindsey. She’s gone. I’m broken. I will share more later, but I wanted to (say) thank you to everyone for their love and efforts and ask you to respect the privacy of her family at this time,” Vance Smith wrote.

Instagram profiles for both Smith and Pearlman are currently not viewable to the general public.