Lisa Marie Presley Officially Divorced from Michael Lockwood But Many Issues Yet to Be Finalized

by Brandi Stillings

It’s official. Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood are divorced. The couple, separated for nearly five years, finally got the judge’s approval today.

However, there are still several stressful loose ends to tie up.

The only child of the “King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis Presley, and sole heir of her father’s estate, Presley has released three total albums. She met her now-ex-husband while working together in the music industry. Married in 2006, Lockwood is her fourth husband preceded by famous stars like singer Michael Jackson and actor Nicholas Cage.

According to, a judge granted a dissolution of marriage in the case on Wednesday, May 26. Even though their marriage has legally ended, they have yet to address the harsh custody battle to come. As of now, the exes share twin daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

It’s been a long, difficult road for Presley and Lockwood, since 2016, when she initially filed for divorce. A year later their daughters were in state custody with no explanation why. Then, in the fall of 2018, Presley attempted to gain primary custody of the twin girls. However, after her son, Benjamin Keough’s suicide in 2020, and fear of her relapsing, Lockwood petitioned for custody as well.

Even though a significant chapter is now closed, the ex-spouses have plenty of courtroom time left to go. Until then, Presley’s anticipated freedom has arrived and she looks forward to finally being a single woman.

Although, they have resolved one major issue. Based on their postnuptial agreement in 2018, she’s not responsible to pay any spousal support to Lockwood.

Changes Made to Graceland Before Lisa Marie Presley’s Arrival

As the sole heiress to her dad’s estate, Lisa Marie Presley still considers Graceland as home. She spent the first nine years of her life there with her father Elvis Presley. Since 1982, the mansion has been open to the public as a historic attraction.

According to, during a virtual live tour, archivist Angie Marchese shares intimate details of the changes Lisa Marie and her family request for their arrival.

“The family doesn’t stay here at Graceland, but they do come here and visit,” she explains. “They don’t use Elvis and Priscilla’s china, we do have new china which we’ve purchased for Lisa to use when she’s here.”

Angie goes on to describe how they setup two extra tables in the dining room for when the family has meals together there. She also mentions how in the kitchen they adjust the oven prior to a visit from the King’s daughter.

Along with the china, tables, and oven, Lisa Marie makes various changes throughout the famous Memphis mansion to find comfort in her childhood home.