Lisa Marie Presley Once Explained Why She Was ‘Naive’ at Beginning of Her Music Career

by Quentin Blount

It goes without saying that as she first started her music career, Lisa Marie Presley had some pretty big shoes to fill.

Growing up as the only child of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley, meant that Lisa Marie was destined to live her entire life in front of the cameras. However, despite understanding the pressure, unfair comparisons, and high expectations of being Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley pursued a musical career anyway.

And in a sit-down interview with Pop Entertainment back in 2005, Presley talked about how she was “naive” to start her career. She wanted to show everyone that she had her own identity.

“I think I naively went about writing,” Presley recalled. “My main focus was ‘I’m gonna try to break through this regardless and try to get my own fans and hopefully allow my music to affect others like it’s done for me in my life.'”

The only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley said that she did have her own fan base. But in addition to those fans, she had just as many critics.

“I’ve got a strong fan base and I’ve gotten really great responses,” Presley said. “I think I was really naïve at the beginning and didn’t know what mountain I was climbing because it is unfair and people do want to actually see you fail. And they’re overly critical.”

Thankfully, the critics weren’t enough to stop Presley from doing what she loves most. And that is making music.

Lisa Marie Presley Discusses 2005 Album, ‘Now What’

Meanwhile, Lisa Marie Presley had just released her second studio album, Now What, at the time of her interview with Pop Entertainment. She says that for the most part, her album had positive responses.

“This album has been basically well received. But there were a couple of personal shots taken at me by critics,” she explained.

Although she had created a successful second album, she said that the critics never went away. In fact, it wasn’t even her music that they were criticizing. It all stemmed back from being the daughter of perhaps the biggest music star of all time.

“That’s the thing. It has nothing to do with the music,” Presley said. “You can tell that they have this preconceived idea of me. Even if there’s a compliment they’d had to make some personal jab. It wasn’t even about the music. It was about something else they already had in mind about me from my other career in the tabloids.”

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