Listen to Elvis Presley Stripped Down Vocals-Only Version of ‘Suspicious Minds’

by Kayla Zadel

A rare version of Elvis Presley’s hit song is coming to light. It’s both beautiful and haunting to listen to the King’s solo vocals.

This video showcases Presley’s pure and raw voice in his hit song “Suspicious Minds.” Most of the instruments are removed and the King of Rock and Roll’s voice is isolated.

According to Classic Country Music, it’s hard to strip down any track and it wasn’t an easy task especially when it came to this 48-year-old song.

“Suspicious Minds” was written and recorded by Mark James in 1968. However, it wasn’t successful when it was first released. Elvis Presley teamed up with producer Chips Moman to record the track and it went on to be a No. 1 song in 1969. It even helped revive Presley’s charting success.

But the story goes that James heard the song just a day after Presley recorded it ad thought it was too slow. However, once the songwriter heard the final version of the song, with all the instruments added in, James admitted that he was blown away.

“Suspicious Minds” is known for its changing time signature in the song, going from fast to slow, to fast again. By the way, it only took Elvis eight takes to record the song.

Furthermore, the song is about a couple that’s in a relationship but they don’t trust each other.  The duo is “caught in this trap that they could not walk out of” as they try and overcome their issues.

James actually wrote the song from his own personal experiences. He was married at the time to his first wife but often thought about his childhood sweetheart. The songwriter knew that he had to get rid of these feelings because his wife had her suspicions about James.

Elvis Presley Tops Chart with ‘Suspicious Minds’

Presley’s version of the track is iconic and one song we still think of today when we hear his name.

Once the song was released, it went straight to the top of the charts in four different countries. Plus Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” was heard on radio stations in more than 12 countries.

This was one of Presley’s tracks that was a direct result of his ’68 Comeback Special. It caught the interest of Chips Moman and he wanted to produce Presley’s new style. The singer was making a comeback to the Memphis music scene and started recoding rock, gospel, country, rhythm & blues, and soul. These recording sessions made the From Elvis in Memphis album.