LISTEN: Guns N’ Roses Drops First ‘New’ Song in Over a Decade

by Megan Molseed

It’s been thirteen years since the iconic rock group Guns N’ Roses has graced us with new music. And now fans are rejoicing as we can finally hear the group’s first new single since 2008.

“New. Fn. Song.” the rockers wrote on their Twitter page first thing Wednesday.

The post appeared just after midnight and featured a video for the new single entitled “Absurd.”

“Out NOW. Everywhere,” the iconic band shared on the Twitter post.  

According to Page Six, however, this track isn’t entirely new. It is said that “Absurd” is a reboot of a song the group penned in the early 2000s. The unreleased song entitled “Silkworms” hasn’t been performed by the group since 2001. It is said that the just-released “Absurd” is a reimagined version of “Silkworms.”

“Guns N’ Roses” Release Has Been A Long Time Coming

“Silkworms” was a song “Guns N’ Roses had written while recording tracks for the 2008 album “Chinese Democracy.” While the song was never officially released, the group had been known to perform during live shows every once in a while.

“Chinese Democracy” is the group’s sixth studio album. It was initially set to be released in 1999. However multiple delays in the recording and release led to the original album being scrapped entirely. The album was rerecorded entirely in 2000. However, it took another eight years for it to hit the shelves.

In all, the album has reportedly become the most expensive rock album ever produced. The price tag exceeded $13 million. The album’s original studio, Geffen records eventually pulled out of the production completely in 2005. Another release date in the spring of 2007 was set, however, it would be more than a year before fans could listen to the album which was officially released in November 2008.

A Memorable Performance At Fenway

The video that the iconic rockers shared to Twitter earlier this week features a peculiar depiction of a Medusa-like image while Guns N’ Roses front-man Axl Rose sings with a sort of distorted sound. The song is all rock and sure to be one that diehard GNR fans will appreciate.

The audio featured on the dazzling video is from the band’s performance of the new track at Fenway Park in Boston on Tuesday.

“Some of you might have heard this under another name, but this is really kind of absurd to try this,” Axl Rose said to the crowd during the energetic performance Tuesday evening. “So you heard it here first — a new Guns N’ Roses song.”

While fans are excited about this Guns N’ Roses addition, this isn’t technically the group’s only song to be released since 2008. While the reimagined “Silkworms” is the first song since the release of “Chinese Democracy” to be announced as a new track by the iconic “Welcome to the Jungle” players, there was another new tune to be found on a recent box-set. “Shadow of Your Love” was included in the 2018 release.