LISTEN: Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Drops First Single From His Upcoming Solo Album

by Thad Mitchell

Music fans are rejoicing as rock icon and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is sharing the first single from his upcoming solo album.

The solo album from Eddie Vedder is called “Earthling” and “Long Way” is the first single from the album. The song is something of a changeup for the longtime Pearl Jam lead vocalist and it certainly has the internet buzzing. The highly anticipated album does not yet have a release date but fans are thrilled that Eddie Vedder has put out the first single. The veteran rock star collaborates with reigning Grammy producer of the year Andrew Watt for the first time. The lyric video for “Long Way” went live on YouTube earlier today (Wednesday) and already has more than 35,000 views. Take a listen for yourself right here:

Eddie Vedder has one of the greatest vocal ranges in all of the music industry and it is on full display with this song.

The “Even Flow” and “Given to Fly” singer also shared his latest song with fans and followers on social media. It has picked several more thousand views on Eddie Vedder’s various social media accounts. It is safe to say “Long Way” is being well received by the singer’s vast fan base.

‘”Long Way’ is the new single from my upcoming solo album, Earthling,” Eddie Vedder says in his social media post. In his Instagram post, Vedder notes another song “The Haves” will be released sooner than later.

Eddie Vedder Fans Love New Single

Reviews of Eddie Vedder’s latest musical offering have been overwhelmingly positive. With his unique voice and natural talent for songwriting, Vedder is the music industry’s version of King Midas. Pearl Jam, which Vedder has fronted for more than three decades, is one of the top-selling Rock and Roll bands of all time. Now taking time away to focus on solo efforts, Eddie Vedder fans are thrilled for his new music.

“Such a pure soul you are, Eddie,” a fan writes. “And it shines through your music. This song is gorgeous.’

“I’m having a great moment right now listening to this piece of jewel,” another fan comments. “Gracias infinitas Eddie.”

Several fans noted the Tom Petty influence within “long Way” and complimented Eddie Vedder on his work.

“Big time Tom Petty influence,” a fan says. “Eddie you were, are, and will always be one of the greatest songwriters of our time. Thank you endlessly for your amazing talent.”

As it did with most every musical artist, the COVID-19 pandemic halted touring plans for Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. The group has hit the road once more though as the pandemic has become much more manageable. Pearl Jam has sold more than 85 million albums worldwide, making them one of the top-selling bands of all time. Earlier this year, Pearl Jam played their first concert in three years.