‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actor Alison Arngrim Explained How Michael Landon was a ‘Mad Scientist’

by Keeli Parkey

According to actress Alison Arngrim, the cast of “Little House on the Prairie” truly got along behind the scenes. And, she credited the show’s star Michael Landon for making that happen.

Anrgrim, who played the nasty Nellie Oleson on the popular family drama, talked about this during an interview with Pop Goes The Culture TV in 2016.

“We got along and we still get along. I mean, we’re having a reunion party in Arizona later this year and we try to get together at least once a year,” Arngrim said during the interview. “We still email each other and call each other.”

This, she also said, does not happen that often.

“And, I think really, the cast of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and the cast of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ are the only two casts I know that still speak to each other this much,” Arngrim said. “Most people from most shows it’s like, ‘See ya, later.'”

Alison Arngrim Said ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Cast Got Along Thanks to Michael Landon

The main reason the cast of “Little House on the Prairie” got along so well was thanks to the show’s star and producer. That man was the famous Michael Landon. He played patriarch Charles Ingalls on the show. It was Landon who worked his magic on the cast.

“So, we actually did have a very good chemistry. And, I think that was very much due to Michael Landon. He picked all the people,” Alison Arngrim said. “And, it was sort of this handpicking like this will be an interesting mix. Let’s put her with him and him with … it was sort of this mad scientist creating this chemistry.”

The cast also knew that getting along was better than the alternative, according to Arngrim.

“And then there was also, the law was kind of laid down,” she also said. “It was like, ‘Look, this thing’s a hit. You’re going to be stuck here for several years. You might want to work out those personal problems now, because we’re not going to help you. You’re just going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with each other. So, you might need to learn to get along.’ And so, we did.”

While Nellie Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie” wasn’t much loved by the other characters, this wasn’t the case for Arngrim behind the scenes.

“Nellie got along with no one. I got along with everybody,” Arngrim said with a laugh.

You can watch Alison Arngrim talk about “Little House on the Prairie” below. Her comments about how Michael Landon was a “mad scientist” begin around the 11 minute mark of the video.