‘Little House on the Prairie’: Adam Sandler Described the Hilarious Time He Watched Show with His Kids

by John Jamison

There are countless streaming services out there these days. Many of them have parental features that filter out the content too mature for children to watch. Meanwhile, cable television has become the Wild West. You never what you’re going to get when you throw on a TV show. “Uncut Gems” actor Adam Sandler learned this the hard way. And it happened during a classic family drama, no less.

That’s right. Adam Sandler was hanging out, looking for some family-friendly programming for his kids. That’s when he came across a recorded episode of “Little House on the Prairie.” It seems like a good choice, right?

Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, a simple 1800s farming family, what could go wrong? It’s Walnut Grove, after all. Apparently, this particular episode had something else in mind when Sandler hit play. From the first scene, he knew something was wrong.

In a 2017 interview Sandler did with Conan O’Brien, he tells the story.

“I put it on, and it immediately starts off with this nice [Native American] man backing away. And I was like, ‘Oh no.’ And my kids go, ‘Why is he backing away?’ And I go, ‘I don’t know. Maybe someone offered him turkey and he didn’t want it or something.’ So I – and then they cut to these three guys with guns and then I hear, ‘They’re not going to kill him are they?’ I go, ‘No. It’s Little House on the Prairie. No one’s going to get killed on Little House on the Prairie.'”

Someone Gets Killed on ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Sorry, Adam. The prairie was still the frontier in the late 19th century. Life was a rough and tumble affair at the time.

While the consensus is that “Little House on the Prairie” is very much a family-friendly show, the Sandler family just happened upon a rare moment where the show deals with some of the more violent aspects of the 1800s Midwest.

“And the next thing I see is his hand on a rock, and it kind of shakes and falls down,” Sandler continued. “And my kid goes, ‘NOOO!'”

“No! It seemed like a safe choice. You never know when you turn on the TV,” Conan responded in disbelief. “You’re a terrible dad. You’re the worst dad ever. They got traumatized by that,” he continued, jokingly.

There truly is nothing Adam Sandler could have done. Who could have guessed that the opening scene of such a family-oriented show was going to be so violent? Well, his kids seemed to have an idea of what was coming, at least. And while we hope neither of them was traumatized by the experience, it definitely made for a hilarious talk show story.