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‘Little House On The Prairie:’ Alison Arngrim Felt Immediate ‘Chemistry’ With One Co-Star

by Katie Maloney
Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

Which Little House on the Prairie co-star did actress Alison Arngrim see “sparks” with as soon as she met?

In order for a show to last nine seasons, there has to be chemistry between actors. Luckily, Little House on the Prairie had that exact kind of chemistry. Whether it was between Ma and Pa Ingalls, the Ingalls siblings, or Laura Ingalls and her arch-nemesis ‘Nasty’ Nellie Oleson, the onscreen chemistry was palpable. Actress Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie on Little House on the Prairie, confirmed that this chemistry was real during an interview in 2018. Arngrim said that there was one actress in particular who she really bonded with. In fact, Arngrim said that “sparks” flew as soon as the two actresses met.

“Yes, she’s my baby sister. We love her. We bonded like right away,” said Arngrim about co-star Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls on the show. “Something about playing enemies and wailing on each other. As soon as we met there was some chemistry. And I think that’s why Little House on the Prairie was so good, there was chemistry between actors, sparks were flying. And as soon as we met, we hit it off, we bonded. Which just made it great because we knew no one was going to get hurt. We could wail on each other.”

Although you may never have guessed it based on the actual physical altercations between the two, Nellie and Laura were close friends in real life. Even decades after filming the show, Arngrim and Gilbert remain friends.

Can You Guess Which Little House on The Prairie Co-Star Actress Alison Arngrim Had A Crush On?

If you guessed Michael Landon, who played Pa Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, you’re right! But really, who didn’t have a crush on Michael Landon? During the same interview, Arngrim joked with TODAY host Megyn Kelly about realizing how attractive Landon really was years after the show was over. During the interview, Kelly joked that “You know you’re old when Pa starts looking hot. He goes from the father figure to someone you’d like to date.”

Oh, we’ve definitely reached that stage in our lives and we’d be happy to date Pa Ingalls!

“Hubba, hubba,” replied Arngrim while laughing. “He was actually more gorgeous in person if that is physically possible.”

We don’t see how that’s possible, Alison, but we’re willing to take your word for it.

Both Arngrim and Kelly then admired a photo of Landon on set. In the photo, he’s holding an ax near a river and wearing an unbuttoned shirt while covered in sweat.

“Look at that picture with the chest!” said Kelly.

“Stunning. Stunning. Gorgeous man,” replied Arngrim.

No arguments here, you two. Even decades after the show aired, we’re still crushing on Michael Landon as Pa Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.