‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Arngrim Has a Perfect Casting Idea for a Modern-Day Nellie Oleson

by Anna Dunn

Little House on the Prairie actress Alison Arngrim knows who she’d want to play her in a modern-day version of the series. Arngrim portrayed the iconic Nellie Oleson. While it’s hard to see anyone else in that role, Arngrim would want someone else to play her in any modern-day adaptation. There’s no confirmation of any sort of re-boot or modern adaptation, but its something she’d love to see.

Arngrim expressed that in an interview with Fox News.

“I would like to see a reboot of the show with the fabulous new young people, Some adorable little girls in L.A., a gorgeous little blond awful child, as me, but have everyone from the old show do like a cameo, just pop in,” the Little House on the Prairie star said. “Also, I am the correct age now to play Mrs. Oleson and I’m available, so I have no shame. I would play her in a second. I would totally do that.”

As far as her ideal person to play Nellie Goes, Oleson has quite the person in mind.

“Can we get Millie Bobby Brown in a blond wig? Because she would knock it out of the park,” Arngrim said. It’s not who you’d expect. But Arngrim told the publication that the Stranger Things star is, “one of the best young actresses of today.”

Brown is known for playing Eleven on Stranger Things, and Eleven is far from the privileged mean girl Arngrim played. Eleven is a young girl with supernatural powers who was held in a lab for most of her life. It was a challenging role, especially for someone as young as she was when she started playing Eleven. Perhaps that’s why Arngrim knows she’d be good in just about anything, including Little House on the Prairie.

Arngrim Embraced Her Identity as the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Mean Girl

After the show, a lot of people associated Arngrim’s personality a little too much with the character she played on screen. But the Little House on the Prairie icon has taken the attention all in stride, even putting on a show called Confessions of a Prairie B*tch.

She’s even expressed gratitude for playing Nellie over a role like Laura Ingalls because she didn’t face as much pressure to be perfect as Laura actress Melissa Gilbert did.

Arngrim is now a comedian and frequently talks about her experiences as a child star working on Little House on the Prairie and how that stardom followed her after the show was over.