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‘Little House on the Prairie’: How Sidney Greenbush Met Her Second Husband on Set

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bobby Bank/Getty Images

You may remember Lindsay Greenbush as one half of the iconic and sweet “Little House on the Prairie” character Carrie Ingalls.

She wasn’t the only person to play Carrie, however. Her twin sister, Sidney Greenbush, also helped bring the character to life for fans of the series.

Although both Greenbush sisters had a similar experience while filming, Lindsay found something extremely valuable during her time in front of the camera — love.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Finds Love

Lindsay Greenbush played her character from 1974 to 1982. After that, she did a few small roles but eventually decided to return to school and temporarily give up acting.

Later in life, she met her first husband Frank Dornan at a party. Lindsay and Frank got married in 2001 but divorced several years later.

Although her first marriage didn’t work out, Greenbush would end up finding love once again. It would have an adorable connection back to “Little House on the Prairie,” too.

According to Biography.com, she first met Danny Sanchez on the set of the show. He wasn’t an actor or an extra, rather he was just a 14-year-old boy that liked to spend time on the set with his friends. He didn’t live far from Big Sky Ranch, which is where the show was filmed. Danny also apparently got permission from Michael Landon to hang around.

The two first met in 1977 as Greenbush was waiting to film her next scene. She was sitting near a big oak tree near the Ingalls house. It was a casual meeting and it didn’t inspire a lot at the time. They were filming for the episode “The Wolves.”

Then, decades later, in 2012, they happened to meet by chance.

They quickly started dating and one day brought friends back to that ranch and took a picture by that oak tree. It remains a special spot for both of them.

The couple got married under that gorgeous oak tree in 2014.

Other Career Moves for Lindsay Greenbush

Although she is most known for Carrie Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie,” Greenbush did have a few other roles during her career.

According to IMDb, Lindsay and her twin, Sidney, first got started in the entertainment business when they were cast together in the TV movie “Sunshine” in 1973. This is how they would eventually land the “Little House on the Prairie” gig.

After that role, Lindsay had a guest appearance on “Matt Houston.” Then, she decided to finish her education, which ended in graduating from Santa Monica College. She has one daughter, which is from a relationship prior to her first husband.

In recent years, she has gotten into amateur boxing and works with Kid Gloves Boxing of Simi Valley.