‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Posts ‘Garden 2021’ Details in ‘Prairie Life’ Pic

by Jennifer Shea

“Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert takes her gardening seriously. The actress has launched a garden in her backyard and is filling it with a plethora of plants.

“Aaaaaand…the 2021 garden has begun,” Gilbert posted to Instagram recently. “This year we have increased the size of the garden and are planting and harvesting (hopefully); walla walla onions, garlic, parsley, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, Roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini, English cucumbers, green beans, butter lettuce, Napa cabbage, bok choy, green grapes, watermelon, sunflowers, snapdragons, zinnias, cosmos, petunias, pansies, amaranth, feverfew and bishops flowers. Everybody send us your best growing juju!!”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Has Been Imitating Her Character

Like Laura Ingalls, Gilbert has been living off the land during the pandemic. At her farm in New York’s Catskill Mountains, she and her husband Timothy Busfield, who is also an actor, have tended to their garden and begun raising chickens, USA Today reported.

“We had to (set up) the garden, build the raised boxes, plant the garden, care for the garden, build a system to water to the garden, build the security for the garden and build the chicken run, the chicken coops, raise the chickens, care for the chickens, build the electric fence around the chickens to keep the bears off the chickens,” Gilbert told the outlet last year.

“I never had more fun in my life. We get up early in the morning and we’re absolutely filthy by 10 a.m. and I’m gleeful all the time,” she added.

In fact, Gilbert said she has no interest in returning to New York City once the pandemic ends. Except, perhaps, for visits to her dentist.

Gilbert’s Farm Is Her ‘Little House in the Catskills’

Gilbert showed off her Sullivan County, New York farm in another interview with CBS Sunday Morning last year. She said she calls it her “Little House in the Catskills,” in a nod to the TV show that made her famous.

“It was like a really great summer camp, but I also got to play the ultimate game of dress-up, and be in those fantastic clothes, and the button-up boots,” Gilbert recalled to CBS. “I don’t remember it ever not being fun.”

Which may explain why Gilbert and her husband have reportedly been re-watching “Little House on the Prairie” from their Catskills farm during the pandemic. That is, when they’re not busy feeding the chickens or gardening.

“What’s really exciting for me is that nothing has died,” Gilberts said, gesturing at her garden planters.